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    Sold Axminster Precision Special Edition Try Square 225mm

    Arrived and very neatly wrapped. Thanks
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    Sold Axminster Precision Special Edition Try Square 225mm

    Hi. Would like to take one of these. Will pm now. Ed
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    Birch Ply, melamine faced MDF and Formica sheet in Dorset?

    Hi I got some birch ply from Dorchester Timber a week or so ago. Very helpful on the phone order and had a specified time slot for collection to observe social distancing. not sure if the price is comparable to what you paid before 1 sheet of 6mm and 1 sheet 12mm was about 90 squids inc. VAT.
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    Chess Board

    Looks great. Think this'll be a future project to add to my list. Thanks for sharing.
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    New To The Router

    They go over the set up, safety and types of router 1/2 and 1/4 Got my triton 1/2" in a table and it works a treat.
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    New To The Router

    Axminster on youtube have just started a weekly routing wednesday video tutorial. Think they're going over all the basics as part of their skill centre at home series. May be worth a look.
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    Dml headstock knocking sound.

    All sorted. :D
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    Dml headstock knocking sound.

    Many thanks. I was sure it shouldnt move. I'll look at tightening the screws today. Should the bottom pulley be aligned with the top or slightly offset to the faster end... big ring on motor spindle more lined up with small ring on top If im doing more high speed stuff? Thanks again for your...
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    Dml headstock knocking sound.

    Hi guys Been a while since i was able to get to the lathe. Whilst making some simple small boxes i developed a knocking sound. It was coming from the headstock end. On investigstion i found that the lower pulley on the motor spindle was sliding back and fore. Is this meant to happen to line up...
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    Apothecary chest

    Lovely work and great detail instructions. Thanks for sharing :D
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    Small curved sided oak box

    Lovely box. =D>
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    today I have mostly turning...

    Great advice chj. Thanks
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    Chasing threads on turned items.

    Thanks Ian.
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    Chasing threads on turned items.

    Great tips guys. Many thanks. Hadnt come across the jig before. Will watch the video you mentioned tonight. :ho2