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    How not to make a desk?

    Is that black edge a metal frame? If it is it makes more sense.
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    Pushfit soil pipe as dust extraction

    I fitted my ducting about 20 years ago and couldn’t afford metal at the time so used plastic soil pipe. I was aware of the static issue so I ran a copper wire along the outside of the pipe fixed at intervals with a self tapping screw that went just through to the inside of the pipe. I took the...
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    What's the most stupid thing you've done in woodworking?

    I’ve been making furniture professionally for twenty five years with no accidents, until this spring. I had made a cut on the bench saw, turned it off and for some unknown reason went to clear the waste away before the blade had stopped running. I caught the tip of my thumb in the blade and now...
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    Cascamite WBP

    I have mixed artists acrylic paint into cascamite in the past. I mixed the glue as normal and then added dark brown to colour it. I was glueing some beautiful burr veneer and it had a few little holes that would let the glue through. It worked a treat, had no effect on the strength of the joint...