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    My first curved corner...

    I like that a lot (I've got a thing for curved walls) What did you have to do to the skirting ? And, do those stud walls connect by anything other than the ply ?
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    hopping mad

    Really ? BTW PhilP, Cambornes alright with me
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    Hello from Ireland

    Welcome aboard Taf
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    Avast anti virus

    No they don't I may be wrong, but I reckon Sophos will still be the corporate market leader +1 for Security Essentials btw, up to 10 pcs allowed as well
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    Kitchen extension Mega build. Photo heavy!

    That's a lovely looking and well thought out kitchen, well done =D> and thanks for the write up
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    Steve's workshop - Painting the outside walls

    I'd rather go far being a bit clumsy but you could be right
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    Steve's workshop - Painting the outside walls

    Steve - if you are still having trouble with your keyboard, try a hairdryer on it and DON'T PUT IT IN THE OVEN AGAIN !! Hairdryer, medium heat, fast as you can - the warm airflow should dry the contacts - I have done this successfully many times before
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    Pickling your own onions - last post?

    Can I have your workshop ?
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    Help with a bit of a dilemma

    Chimney inspected today by the cleanest looking chimney sweep !! I was actually surprised at how clean he looked :-) Anyway, all good news, he says the liner is fine and from his smoke test, there was plenty coming out of the chimney and I saw it being pulled up the liner quite strongly He...
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    Divorce - relationship breakups

    Hi Ali Sorry to hear you're going through this and it doesn't sound silly to me and at least you've been brave enough to come out with it, it really doesn't hurt us menfolk to talk after all If it helps, I did the same this year after nearly 20 years and believe it or not, I am now happily...
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    Makes you think

    Found this posted on another forum (I know, I was shocked too) ... ese-wolves Makes you wonder what else we could undo
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    Made from scraps

    looks like you're not the only one having fun in your shed :-)
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    Dedicating a router to a table - idea needs fleshing out

    Ok, i'll quantify my post The router itself is good, plenty of power etc but compared to the Trend & Triton, it needs a 3rd party mechanism for adjustment as Mahomo59 has as it doesn't have the 'from the top' adjustment that the other two have Neither does it project above the table for easier...
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    Dedicating a router to a table - idea needs fleshing out

    +1 to the Triton And I have the Dewalt too - heavy but brilliant out of the table but rubbish fitted to one
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    Bad week too!!!

    Just read both of these threads and I must say bad luck to you too, hope it all works out ok and it's just a nerve racking wait