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    Powerline BK2 Bandsaw problems

    Hi TMHM. A brilliant job for a replacement low speed wheel. All that you need is a new belt which Ebay UK can provide. How is the condition of the roller blade support on the lower guide?
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    Long drill or extension needed

    You could try using a cove cutter to route a semicircular shape in two timber pieces and glue them together to produce an internal circular profile. The exterior could then be shaped for the dimension required. It may be possible to produce a length of timber for several whistles at one attempt.
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    Powerline BK2 Bandsaw problems

    The nominal thickness of the low speed wheel at the drive belt diameter is 13.2 mm. This measurement is the outside flange face distance. The nominal distance between the inner flange faces is 10.0 mm. This distance allows fitment of the drive belt and maximum blade width. The low speed drive...
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    Powerline BK2 Bandsaw problems

    Hi regarding the low speed drive wheel for BK2 bandsaws. The wheel is belt driven on it's rim with the belt and saw blade located by 2 flanges. The nominal dimensions are:- Rim diameter is 144 mm. inner flange diameter is 154 mm. outer flange diameter is 150 mm. The blade runs on the outer face...
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    Anyone any good at maths?

    AD 837.2144mm, BC 801.2144mm CF 540mm, EG 522mm
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    18th Century Prison first floor workshop and heavy machinery

    If your building has a Listed Status it maybe that a survey has been completed to assess it's fabric and clarified matters which include floor loading. Is it possible to check?
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    Floor strength for heavy(ish) machinery

    NickM do you have any details to hand so this matter can proceed or perhaps DEVELOPE!!!!!!!
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    Floor strength for heavy(ish) machinery

    Mike my comments are directed to the original poster to garner information. No mention of "uniform load".
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    Floor strength for heavy(ish) machinery

    This thread has been interesting and informative, it seems your workshop was erected some time ago and may have been constructed to regulations that prevailed at the time. Is this the case? Present day tables for beam sizes and spans for domestic applications will provide advice for the designer...
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    Colouring filler.

    Hi Mike. I have produced circular musical fingerboard markers using poster paint powder and 2 part epoxy adhesive. The finish is good and the paint is fully enclosed and does not bleed out.
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    bevel protractor

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    bevel protractor

    Bevel pinion
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    makita drill help please

    At the expense of the chuck an angle grinder could be used to cut it apart to release the chuck dogs and expose the lock screw.
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    another geometry question

    Sunny Bob I hope you are in good fettle . In an earlier post I got the impression that you would use your router to machine the angled staves using a dovetail bit. As has been hammered home by others this will create problems. If your preferred power tool is a router could you consider cutting...
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    another geometry question

    Hi Mike regarding a circumscribing circle which aligns with joints at 170 mm diameter. What you say is correct and finishing the exterior of the tub to a circular shape would not be possible if 170 mm diameter is required. I seem to recall that when Bob first brought this issue to everyone's...