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    Lathe for a beginner

    The Chinese lathes are not so cheap these days, and with old iron, you'll need to be able to check for wear to the various slides and spindle. This means either having access to a friendly machinist or spending a few weeks researching what to look for. Judging from your initial post, you're...
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    Advice regarding an eBay purchase (this is a current problem, so advice today is required- if possible)

    Walk away asap. You've already identified several problems with the seller, and you haven't even received it yet! Ebay will definitely find in your favour. Something that suits your needs will come along.
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    Track saw - T55 or Mafell MT55

    I have the MT55, and it's been a game changer for me - I love it. But yes, I had kickback once resulting in flying saw and a gouged track. I put it down to inexperience more than anything else - I'd just bought the saw, it was cutting everything like butter and I did a plunge cut in some thick...
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    Replacement pillar drill column and base?

    2.75" seems to be a standard column diameter for some of these older drills, for example my Meddings MB4. I bought an MF4 (floor version) recently for parts with a smashed table and faulty head. So if you're not in a hurry, it may be worth setting an alert for 'parts' machines. Make sure you get...
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    I started to reply but then rwillet posted and has covered pretty much everything. The only thing I would add is to manage your expectations. Looking directly, you will not see anything like the amazing photos that amateurs are able to achieve with long-exposure, rigid, tracked setups. You...
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    Meddings or Union Drill Press?

    Nice. I wouldn't bother with a paint job either - original paint is far more desirable if you ever come to sell it. You can always wax over it to prevent rust. Clean up the grime and it'll look as good as it performs.
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    Axminster price increases

    I feel Axminster have chosen to offer good service, with a number of retail outlets, and that costs. A couple of months back, I ordered a bandsaw blade on express delivery as I needed it for the weekend. I phoned them because it hadn't arrived on time on Friday - it turned out that the driver...
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    Meddings or Union Drill Press?

    I agree it's all about condition. I bought a big old Meddings from a farmer and it needed considerable restoration to bring it back to spec. In addition to the checks above, I recommend removing any chuck and checking the Morse Taper. You can do it with your finger - it should feel smooth and...
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    Metalworking lathe buying advice

    I love watching Doubleboost - very skilled, modest and funny. I've learned so much from him.
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    You've got £600 for a new mitre saw...

    I trust you're not referring to me? If so, I have no agenda - I love Festool stuff. From what I remember, the guy who did the comparison used it mainly for job site work that needed frequent left-handed cuts, and the issue was that it was hard to reach the trigger using the same hand on such...
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    Metalworking lathe buying advice

    Very nice, thanks for posting the pics, and nice to see you've already put it to work! There's a bit of a learning curve associated with insert tools. Carbide inserts tend to be blunt for steel, and sharper for aluminium. They tend to chip rather than wear in lathe use, but the chips can be...
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    Metalworking lathe buying advice

    You are going to have some fun!! And yes, don't forget to post some pics. Good work.
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    Metalworking lathe buying advice

    If you're looking at Boxford-size lathes, consider a Raglan 5" with accessories. They are a very fine lathe - super-expensive when new - but tend to be very inexpensive now. Accessories are in the hen's teeth bracket of availability, so avoid ones that come without.
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    Metalworking lathe buying advice

    By all accounts they are fine, desirable machines, and were on my list when I was looking - a step up from the AUD etc, with a much larger spindle bore. I believe they were developed in several iterations though, so check the bore size, centre height and chuck mount match what you expect...
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    Metalworking lathe buying advice

    Mmmm...Colchester Chipmaster or Harrison M300.....(dribbles)