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    POR15 Metal Prep - Phosphoric Acid by another name?

    Milkstone cleaner is entirely phosphoric acid and available at farm supplies type places. 5L cost around a tenner (some years back - prices seem to be around the same these days), I diluted it down to 10-15% and used a handheld sprayer (a small one) to spray it on to remove rust on a previous...
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    Simple solution for website, blog and podcasts

    I suspect the no plugins is obvious but the iFrame might be buried in text somewhere. You don't actually need wordpress hosting - standard Linux hosting should be sufficient and then from a few button clicks, wordpress will install and you'll be good to go. If you find something and want to...
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    Simple solution for website, blog and podcasts

    Lee - when you say using the free Wordpress, do you mean you are using ? https://wordpress.com/free/ I'm not sure what restrictions wordpress.com place on folks using them - i.e. no plugins etc - but the Wordpress platform itself (the software in essence) is very powerful and there isn't much...
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    Simple solution for website, blog and podcasts

    On the surface of it - the above (in bold) seems a reasonable request but unless you know the person in real life (and really well at that), do not pm anyone credentials especially admin ones to a wordpress site or anything else. If you want help and they can offer it - there is no reason you...
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    Things you say that got you into the dog house.

    Have a good grope, smirk and say "It feels perfectly fine!" and go make a tea\coffee.
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    Airless paint sprayers

    I had a few piece of plasterboard lying around, so tried neat, and then had a go at 10% and then went up to 25% - stopping when I was happy with how the finish was. Trial & error sounds daunting but given how cheap emulsion is - it sounds far worse than it really is. LOL Once you make a...
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    Airless paint sprayers

    I think I thinned the emulsion for the Wagner down with 25% water. I got a better finish as it was easier to put more on than wipe the wall down if it's gone on too think. LOL Dibs
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    Airless paint sprayers

    Cheers about the cap. I've got a viscosity cup somewhere - just thought you might recall roughly approx how much you thinned emulsion down. Thanks Dibs
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    Airless paint sprayers

    Sorry I meant, just moving\covering furniture or emptying the room would be required however you painted the room. Obviously spraying then requires masking off, whereas brushes\rollers wouldn't (really). For me I think it took a few hours to mask off. I used 1.5 inch masking tape, so was only...
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    Airless paint sprayers

    I think even with a brush or rollers you'd have to empty a room or cover furniture up. Cleaning the aireless - was just putting the feed tube in a bucket of water and running a few litres thru the hose/gun. I'm not sure I would have been able to do the house in 1.5 days if I had used...
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    Airless paint sprayers

    I'm not single but I share your vision of colour. ;) A few years back I painted the whole house (walls & ceilings) white with a Wagner airless sprayer. The only masking off I did was with a 12" roll of the brown (automotive) masking paper and tape, along the skirting boards, door & window...
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    Calling plastic gurus...

    Whilst it might not look pretty - a couple of large stainless jubilee clips maybe?
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    electrical testing

    https://www.screwfix.com/p/lap-ms8907-voltage-detector-pen/3222g I have one and can't fault it. I have a more expensive one too - no difference in them. Oh - get into the habit of "testing" it on a known Live before checking the one you actually want to check. ;)
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    Router Insert Plates - Bespoke?

    They would be cheaper to have made (I suspect) but you need volume. There were 2 Group Buys in the past for custom made router plates and inserts\discs. The 1st one got around 40 or so made and prices were around £18 for Mild steel and £24 for AL including the delivery. The 2nd time round the...
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    Hermes deliveries

    I bought something (a small item) the other day from ebay and got an automated email later that evening saying it was on it's way. Saw the word Hermes and went "oh poo!". Never had a positive experience in the past.