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    Some of my tissue boxes

    I reckon I must have made around 100 tissue boxes and I kept around 10 for myself over the years, numerous other boxes were also produced and finished their locations over other continents as well. It was a great hobby for me over those early retirement years some were even hand delivered.
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    Some of my tissue boxes

    Unfortunately age and standing in a workshop is not like it was in the old days.
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    Some of my tissue boxes

    This morning I had to set up an old mobile hard drive and then got waylaid looking at some projects that I used to post at this forum around 10 years ago.
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    I expect a battle with virgin starting today again, my discounts are threatened (been with them and discounts for over20 years. I do not need the 100mbs speed but what is reception like going via BT telephone lines these days? can I get good reception speed on you tube? oh and Iplayer?
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    car battery problem, any advice please?

    Just as a back up with jump leads til we can get back to doing some mileage again, might even strap in boot, our car door was frozen last week. I was quoted 90 minutes for back up last week when parked at doctors for the wife, and she did moan.
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    10 cruise ships laying off Torquay this weekend .

    and from the top of our road we can eyeball 5 of them on our side over to Babbacombe for the other five, it makes us feel if we live in the paradise.
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    car battery problem, any advice please?

    Thanks guys, there was some good tips, most probably go for the cheap second battery and then not have any worries about my electrics cutting out in the night and not knowing. I did in May last year 2020. I demanded a replacement last week and it was replaced with grumbles.
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    How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

    Well done, (I gave up in my eighties)
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    car battery problem, any advice please?

    I do not have my garage available to park my car owing to woodwork hobby space. How do other members here charge up their car battery at home in this bad weather, I dont fancy running an extension lead out to the battery in the car on th drive during this weather with all the bad weather around...
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    I will let you know my findings when I get a delivery from recommendation from above. Thanks All.
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    Purchased a plastic bag of kippers last week and they were B. awful. This was the same as the last time I bought some perhaps 12 months ago, they do not taste the same as years ago, I suspect EU regulations imposed some flavour change on the curers. Does anyone know if now we are supposed to...
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    Reclaimed scaffold board finishing advise

    good idea, never thought of that one in my younger days.
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    Smart tv

    I had to purchase a new 40" tv a couple of months ago for my windows 10 to use as the monitor, it cost me new £204 and it works perfectly OK. If I had wanted it to be a smart TV model it was an extra £11 but There was a 6 week delivery wait for that model. The maker was Cello at Amazon, so...
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    Could not watch Youtube on my smart TV?

    I did get you tube at the pc to accept a code number supplied at the tv to enter at the pc and all now with youtube to work. Mind you I did this setup previously some months ago.
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    Could not watch Youtube on my smart TV?

    Also now my smart TV would not let me into Youtube this morning at 2am,have now got to go to youtube and activate a password number, I expect a charge might be imposed???????????????? Next it will be I/Player and BBC have already got us OAPs in their sights?