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    Table saw issue - run capacitor?

    Hi Farm/L, Just last week my Scheppack planer decided to simply "purr" and not start. I rang Power Tool Spares and spoke to Alex, he suggested it was likely the capacitor and send him a photo. He didn't have one in stock but ordered one to come direct. This all happened within hours, I was soon...
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    Few questions on a shed/workshop build

    Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I visited the "workshop" but here we are again. With a lifetime in the building industry and a good many "shed" experiences I felt I had to make a few comments here. Without reading all the Q&A's here I would say, working up from the bottom and what I have...
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    After Sales Service

    I must express my thanks to John Page at Kendal Tools and Simon Knott at NMA (Agencies) Ltd, (Sheppach) for their most satisfying attention following my purchase of a new Scheppach table saw. I will certainly be seeking advice kindly offered by Simon in setting up my "used" planer/thicknesser...
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    Anyone ever had their own house built?

    Hi, I have done this "self build" thing four times now, the last one completed 2011 at age 75 in timber frame (the building that is!!) The whole framing structure fabricated on site, under floor heating, A/C, sheep's wool insulation, rainwater harvesting wheelchair access to showers etc etc. The...
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    Doctor Bob's Workshop open day 17th May

    Hi Bob, I'm new to this forum as you can see, one day I might understand how to work this machine proficiently!! (I'm more comfortable pushing a plane) I would love to visit on your "open day" problem is it's a bit near our holiday. Can you cut out ply components from CD info' as provided by...
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    old house - old floor

    I agree with tbone, but, what about the ceiling below? (if there is one.) I have on one occasion stripped everything to the old (oak) joists, then placed plasterboard for the ceiling below, leveled out on top with furring pieces then laid the new floor.
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    Heating up a cellar

    I think to tank and prepare your cellar with effective ventilation, even without heating, would carry too much cost even considering the high cost of your timber stock. I once had a cellar, completely damp proof, it maintained a temperature of 50 degrees winter and summer, it was a great space...
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    Sash bay window restoration/half replacement

    Good work there B J. I was always taught to cut the splice at an angle, I believe to allow any water to drain out when (and if) the joint fails. Tell me, which is considered best? If wrong dont come first it dont get a chance.
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    Safest way to rip boards in half?

    There are many safety risks in this operation, even with a machine with the capacity, when you can't see the blade you cannot be sure what is going on. In my experience you cannot calculate what you lose in the re saw, certainly more than your minimum kerf. Save your 20mm stock for future use...
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    Which lube?

    I have always tried to keep threads and roller tracks clean and "dry" and free from grease. A good and frequent blow out by a compressor usually eases things. You could try rubbing on candle or beeswax.
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    skilled brick layers

    An engineer, a joiner and a bricklayer were discussing the accuracy to which they have to work. The joiner said that he worked to a very thin pencil line. The engineer said that he works to a thousandth of an inch. The brickie said he has to get it right.
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    wood planing advice

    I agree with Andy. We used to plane whole ("t&G softwood) floors by hand, not with the best plane but with a wooden smoothing plane with a carefully ground blade to a slight even curve (as all hand planes should be) so as not to leave ridges on the finished work.
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    advice on wood for a bathroom

    We used Teak in many wet situations, like the old draining boards onto the Belfast sinks (now in fashion again) as Teak became too expensive Iroko took its place. My son has a sink, now a flower box, that we rescued from a chemicals lab. made completely from Teak, no glue, just clever joints and...
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    storage of reclaimed flooring

    I would agree with Pete
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    wall thicker than door casing, pic attached

    You can, as I have done, scribe the architrave onto the offending plaster. Pin the architrave onto the lining and pencil your "rebate" line on the edge and plane (or chisel if the plaster is too irregular) the back of the architrave to the width of plaster you are covering.