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  1. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Lack of Woodworking programs on TV

    If you wish to see real time video footage of woodworking, you could look at my channel on YouTube. But I must warn you in advantage, I have lousy TV presence (the bloody camera scares me witless), and there is no editing. It is warts and all. You have to be extraordinarily hardy, or desperately...
  2. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Noise levels in my workshop

    I have added a Powered Tools and Machinery section to my website. In this section I plan to add articles about the power tools and machines that I use in my workshop, with the modifications I have made over the years, along with the techniques which I hope others will find helpful in using them...
  3. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Biscuit joiners

    I had a Makita, and the fence is not the most reliable - the rack-and-pinion is at one side, and the fence does not square up until clamped up. There is no way to adjust an out-of-square set up. I have the De Walt, and it rules. Very reliable, and better ergonomics than the Makita. Plus it is...
  4. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Three-sided stools

    I've not made a large number of these stools, more like a half dozen, and so I hardly count as an expert here. There are others on the forums with so much more relevant experience. Past stools have used a scorp, pull shave and travishers to shape seats, and the legs were drilled with a brace...
  5. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Three-sided stools

    That would not work - where would you rest your feet? Regards from Perth Derek
  6. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Dust extraction hose for Mirka ROS?

    The Mirka hose looks round to me. I used electrical tape. Those who shrink wrapped the hose complained that it was too stiff. Regards from Perth Derek
  7. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Three-sided stools

    For the past 25 years, we have lived with these Ikea bench stools in our kitchen ... We do not eat much at the bench, but they get used. More recently Lynndy suggested that we replace them, and I thought that this would be a good excuse to build something inspired by Wharton Escherick, whose...
  8. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Dust extraction hose for Mirka ROS?

    I have a Mirka Ceros (model before the Deros), and here it is used with the Festool 27mm hose. This requires removing the Festool plug ... I have since purchased the Mirka 27mm hose for it. It is also antistatic, and the perfect fitting at the front. It is lighter and more flexible that the...
  9. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Trimming Shoulders

    Andy, and all, I have a simple and highly reliable method ... my wife does it for me ... and you thought it was all me ... silly pippers ;) OK, what you do is saw the tails or pins but do not remove any waste just yet. Now undercut the baseline ... Only then remove the waste. Above is a...
  10. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Thoughts on making a wardrobe

    I built this one 10 years ago ... The build was the first I began posting to my website, and there are several chapters with details ... Scroll down to Armoire Project: Furniture Regards from Perth Derek
  11. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    An English thumb plane

    Another wonderful plane, Ian! Simply wonderful .... but ... where is the Sheoak? :) Regards from Perth Derek
  12. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    plane blade upgrade

    You are aware that Veritas make PM-V11 blades specifically for Stanley planes? These are a tad thicker than standard but fit without modifying the plane. These blades are the the very best on the market, bar none. Regards from Perth Derek
  13. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Veritas Custom Planes - 40deg frog

    David, the clearance issues were the invention of Brent Beach and readily grabbed by Larry Williams. I argued a lot about that, saying it was there in theory, but not in practice. You know I am a strong proponent of the chipbreaker, and they are my go-to planes, however I do still find use for...
  14. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Veritas Custom Planes - 40deg frog

    Ahem, David ... ! And this was written just a few months ago ... And now ... LN low angle jack ... yes ... :p Regards from Perth Derek
  15. Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

    Struggling With Motivation

    I need some motivation!!! Bill, what you need is confidence. This comes when you have a proper plan: break down the steps to really tiny ones. To get a perspective here, watch a couple of videos to help visualise each step. Once you have done this, you will be ready. For through dovetails...