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    Shed/workshop build.

    I have an unopened roll of Tyvek breathable membrane and a 3/4 remaining one if its of any use to you (or anyone else that wants to collect it).
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    Draw Runners

    Thanks for the suggestions. I might change my design so that I can use side mount runners instead. For full extension they take all the weight in the right direction.
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    Draw Runners

    Hi Can anyone recommend a full extension runner that fits underneath rather than to the side of a drawer ? Cheers
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    Opinions: T-track inserts or DIY t-slots for router table?

    Crikey - can't believe how affordable all the stuff on that page is - https://www.fine-tools.com/otoro-t-tracks.html
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    Motor car insurance.

    The real question is why does your utilities provider take 3 months to give you back the 800 quid they over "estimated" over a 12 month period. And this is after getting the ombudsman involved. The entire services industry is all about scamming you.
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    LED Panels

    I've since had a LED driver fail after 30mins use :( There's a replacement in the post.
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    LED Panels

    So I bought 6 1200x600 60W 4000k Daylight panels and made a simple frame to hold them up. I wasn't sure if I had enough or too many but I think it's just about perfect. Since taking these photos I've finished cabling it back to the house and had a sparky check it over so theres no extension...
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    LED Panels

    Did you use a surface mounting kit or make your own ?
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    LED Panels

    Does anyone have any experience with these very thin flat panel LED ceiling lights ? I've need some to light a 6m*5m space and any recommended solutions would be appreciated. Cheers
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    becoming a sole trader

    There's also the flat rate VAT scheme but it may not suit your expenses/invoice ratio.
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    Workshop Build - Options to keep down the costs

    Whereabouts in the Midlands are you J_Ashley ?
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    Replacement Axminster bandsaw inserts.

    I have a RP BS350 and have designed and 3d printed some replacement inserts - https://cad.onshape.com/documents/30af7 ... ec02f6544e Printed with the top side on the print bed gives a great smooth finish -
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    Workshop from scaffold boards..

    You can't call those things sheds. They use 1"x1" - that's basically trim. I thought they were bad whey I was looking for a new shed and was looking at the ones that were 1"x2". I halped a mate put one of these 1"x1" sheds in and it might as well have been made out of cardboard :O
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    Stolen Tools

    Some Fords are stealable within seconds - without setting off alarms and rendering the immobilisers pointless. They put the ODB port within arms reach of the quarterlight window. All it takes is a small broken window, a reach in and plug in to the ODB port and the entire car or van can be...
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    F clamps

    Ditto for these - you'd be lucky to get one clamp out of them.