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    Glazing interior window

    I'd be tempted to put a double glazed unit in instead of a single pain. You can get stepped units so one piece if glass is larger than the other, enabling it to be fitted without having to rebate any deeper. You can then put a beading on the inside.
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    Good reason to leave your table saw guard on

    The reason your piece of Walnut got thrown back was your rip fence shouldn't pass the centre point of the blade, from the front of the blade to the centre the blade is holding your timber down. After that it's only going to launch it skywards. The saw blade should ideally be set with the tooth...
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    Request for advice - long fine furniture making course

    Hello. I'm looking to cover courses that would meet peoples/groups needs. Anything from basic hand tools, power tools, manufacturing of frames and carcases, veneering to complex machining. I would also look at specific projects if clients wanted to look at production methods for runs of items...
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    Request for advice - long fine furniture making course

    Hello. I am a cabinetmaker in Scotland. My business is also a registered training centre for the furniture and woodworking industry. Over the past few years I have built a workshop within the grounds of Fingask Castle where I am looking to then run short courses along with having a few students...
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    Wadkin BGS10…The rarest table saw Wadkin made. Full Restoration

    Hi Guys. This post is fantastic, you've encouraged me to sort out my rumbling spindle bearing and refurbish the rest of my BGS 12 Can you pass on the paint details please.
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    Wadkin BGS10…The rarest table saw Wadkin made. Full Restoration

    Can't wait for your hand to health to see the next stage! You're certainly encouraging me to give a bit of TLC to my workshop machinery, it all works well but just needs a little pampering to keep them going.
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    I don't have much luck with jigsaws!

    Reading through most of this thread people are struggling with their jigsaws. The common denominator is that I think the sweep action isn't being used. Also don't force a jigsaw, you're using a power tool instead of a handsaw. Let the tool do the work. Hopefully this will help. Happy Jigsawing...
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    Wadkin BGS10…The rarest table saw Wadkin made. Full Restoration

    Very interesting stuff. I have a BGS12 that I served my apprenticeship on, I've been using it now for almost 40yrs and my father before me. It's certainly needing new bearings for the sliding table. Has anyone fabricated anything to make it extract better. There's an attachment on my crown guard...
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    I don't have much luck with jigsaws!

    Most modern Jigsaws will handle 30mm oak without any issues. The standard quick release works well if the blade is fitted correctly. On battery and cabled machines they now have a sweep action with normally 3 setting, 3rd setting the roughest. This sweep action allows the blade to work like we...
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    BS350S advice and guidance

    Good Morning. I deliver training for the woodworking industry, The bandsaw is one of the easiest machines to use but can be the most frustrating to set up. I've only 2 mins spare just now. However set the bandsaw up from scratch every time you change your blade. Once you are use to your machine...