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    Bevel angle

    I do the rounded bevel on my grinder. Honing is kept for the edge. David
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    Bevel angle

    The original Veritas honing guide has a straight, wide roller. One has to be careful to clamp the chisel or plane blade square in the guide or the edge produced will not be square. The advantage of the Eclipse guide is the narrow roller which does not dictate to the chisel. It has wiggle...
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    Bevel angle

    Personally, I grind at 25 or sometimes 22 degrees. Please be certain not to grind right to the edge, or bluing/overheating is likely. Leave a small sliver un ground. I agree with D-W that honing at 32 to 35 degrees will give a longer lasting edge. This honing band is best kept very small...
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    Cheap digital, or quality dial ?

    I love the carbon/plastic dial calipers, and have used them for more than 20 years. Digital gives too much information and makes my brain hurt ! David
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    Do I need a 5 1/2 plane.

    Big vote for 5 1/2. I did virtually all my work over a 52 year period with this size plane.. David Charlesworth
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    cap iron too short?

    Ron Hock can supply correct cap iron for your plane. There was variation over the years of cap length. Length is measured from slot to front edge. If you can work out this dimension Ron can supply one. Best wishes, David Charlesworth
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    cap iron too short?

    Ron Hock can supply a capiron for your plane. Production variations on cap irons give different lengths from slot to cap edge. I have encountered several of these. If you can work out a length that works, Ron will supply. NB Yoke is most efficient when square to frog surface. Best wishes...
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    Low angle, bevel up jack plane

    No planes work out of the box, the blades are ground but not sharpened. The less this ludicrous idea is mentioned the better. Happy new year, David
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    Frog adjustment on a Stanley plane

    No. What matters is the ability to set a balanced/ even shaving, when sighting along the sole. Best wishes, David Charlesworth
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    how to build a shooting board and what plane to use?

    Shooting boards, very useful and easy to make. The one change I have come up with, is a sacrificial fence, which sits against the fixed fence. It is held with one or two small toggle clamps. The end can be set against plane sole for an almost zero gap. This ensures minimal spelch. This...
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    Metal spring clamps?

    I think these are designed for use clamping small mitered work like stringing lines. Restorers used to make larger spring clamps from chair springs. David Charlesworth
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    What is an acceptable gap when using a hand plane?

    Minute gaps in both length and width are acceptable, and useful. Try for 0.1 mm which is the thickness of a piece of good printer paper. I have a DVD on precision hand planing which might be useful. (From my website). Best wishes, David Charlesworth
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    Best jack plane

    A 5 1/2 will do everything you need. David Charlesworth
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    My advice is to use an Eclipse type jig. (About 11 quid from axminster for good far eastern copy. Greater certainty, greater accuracy, greater repeatability. repeatability means less work. " degree change very simple, just reduce projection by 2 t 3 mm. Best wishes, David.
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    The "huge jump" from 800g to 10,000 g is perfectly ok if a small change of angle (say 2-3 degrees is used. It is only the tip which is being polished. SEE Rob Cosman or my plane sharpening DVD. Polishing wide bevels is a waste of energy! Ohishi stones from Classic do not need soaking. Best...