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    Unknown knob

    You might look at [email protected] I feel sure if they don't have them, they'll know where to find them. They've never failed me yet!
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    CVT (Autogearbox)

    We've been driving a Mitsubishi (petrol engined vehicle) with CVT for around 3 years, apart from the (initially disturbing) slightly higher than usual revving when load-carrying and steep hill climbing, we love it. With cruise control on motorways and an easily achieved 60+ mpg it's been a good...
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    Cast iron corrosion

    Surely your bumper wasn't cast iron? That'd be a first.
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    What is this wood boring beetle ?

    I found a wood boring bee/wasp exiting through a 7mm hole in a hardwood window frame. It had already pushed out a mass of (presumably) chewed wood dust along the sill.
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    Question on air compressors:::

    I was much in your situation a couple of years ago. I started off with a cheap'ish 2hp 50 litre job from Aldi pumping out a stated 7cfm. Realistically that 7 should probab;y have been 5. However, it sufficed for several years until I needed to start using air driven nibblers and the odd spray...
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    Ventilating a 1 1/2 story house.

    Surely there's a less expensive and simpler solution? What about creating a substantial air inlet low down on a downstairs wall, ideally north-facing, then leave your upstairs/bedroom windows open. You'll get a flow of cooler air from downstairs though your bedrooms and out of the windows. We...
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    Looking for a home for vintage hand mortiser and wooden moulding planes

    If your efforts to find a home for your father's wonderful mortising machine, I would love to have it for our local Men's Shed (Acocks Green Men's Shed), where I'm Secretary. We try very hard to instill the value of using hand tools, rather than immediately revert to the use of power. I'd need...
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    Old Bandsaw wheel wobble advice

    I expect you've already had plenty of guidance, but for my half-pennuth, I'd say that there are a few possibilities: 1), the 'axle' on which the wheel runs is loose on the body of the saw - I experienced this once on a saw brought to me. It wasn't an 'obvious' problem, since the securing nut...
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    Jet JWBS-16 Bandsaw - electrical issues

    I had a relatively cheap disc and belt sander do a burn out on me - sadly just out of guarantee - and the cheapest quote I could get after chasing all round the UK was in excess of £200 with a caveat of - "If we find further faults it may cost more!"
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    Electric Issues - Help

    In respect of your lathe, is it possible that the capacitor is faulty. The symptoms seem remarkably similar to one of my machines prior to fitting a new unit.
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    Today’s lesson “NEVER POINT”

    Wow, that just sounds like a bridge (sorry, lathe) too far! I often find it's a good ploy to have done a part exchange or a swap!
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    Knob for bandsaw

    Hi, I promised to give you a link to the company about which I told you this morning, just in case it might be helpful. It's: WDS Components <[email protected] I've found them ultra-useful whenever I've been stuck!
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    Knob for bandsaw

    There's a company that sells every style, size and thread you might ever need. I'll send you a link when I get home.
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    Digital callipers.

    Sounds odd? I bought my first digital caliper from Lidl more than 10 years ago, and apart from replacing the battery and cleaning it up, it's worked properly and accurately ever since. Incidentally, I bought a backup 2 years ago and did a comparison and they're the same. Sometimes cheap is OK.
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    Lidl DIY tools 6th June

    Ha, I ordered a woodworking device for a friend from a company in China, with a delivery period of about 3 weeks (because of the Covid problems). This was back in the last few days of December last year. It didn't turn up. I contacted the supplier to be told that it would be a further couple of...