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    Any (post 2008) Economists in the house? - Inflation.

    when an economist gets really good, they become weaatherpeople presenters! Known that for a long time I have! Eric in the colonies
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    Thread dies, question.

    hexagonal dies are intended for rethreading, or thread restoration. Round dies are for cutting new threads. Found that out about a year ago. Eric in the colonies
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    Best vintage Chisels

    beautiful! The outside was plebian so as not to attract attention.
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    Best vintage Chisels

    This discussion has educated me substantially. Here in the western Canadas a house made 100 years ago is celebrated if it still stands, And the knowledge of the tools and skills to repair and maintain them is rapidly fading. Eric Enoying my #makerspace......protospace.ca
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    Jigsaw Blade

    probably as much or more than a jewelers fret saw or a good sandvik coping saw would cost. Eric
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    Best vintage Chisels

    Well I dunno if it's "oldtools marketing hyperbole" or not, but the shorter/wider chisels are often referred to as sash ( ?-makers/repairers?) chisels As for being worn-out, a lot of these chisels had laminated blades were the edge was harder steel, and as long as you can see that (might take a...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    from a refinished estate sale find, a little fettling and fitting, some LED lighting. The mirors make it look like I have twice as many! Eric
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    50 window frames to sand .. in situ.

    For sanding in place., I'm quite partial to the oscillating sanders ? originally developed by Fein, the patent seems to have run out. I hadve several corded versions, but recently upgraded to a Dewalt cordless which has a quick release mechanismThe Hook and loop sanding triangle has rubber on...
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    Table saw won’t switch on

    first thing I would try is putting the shop vac on the switch and suck it out real good!. Oft times folks use compressed air to blow off the dust, but in the case of switches, pushes dust into the workings. Causing it not to work DAMHIK Eric
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    Measurements not measuring up

    I don't equivocate/ A tape measure that has been dropped once, may have the hook bent, and will never read accurately again., or some silly person has hammere the sliding rivets wo they don't slide. (I belong to a makerspace, so don't ask me how I know! For table saw adjustmenst. I use a dial...
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    How does this arbor/drill Chuck work?

    you will succeed. Busy bee sells mt quills with various JT tapers quite inexpensively. I've found 3/4" chucks at garage sales quite cheap. I wouldn't drop below 5/8 capacity. If you lower the drill press you should see a slot wherein you drive a tapered piece of steel to knock it out. Again...
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    Can anyone identify this old saw?

    ???Printers saw. To cut lead slugs for filling out set type. Look for little shards of lead in the corners underneath. Used to have a printers saw, but not with that angled attachment Eric
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    Advice needed : repair walking cane

    I also have used the roll pin method, only use a dremel with a diamond wheel to give it a better "cutting edge". I have shown the technique to several woodbutchers whom are totall amazed at how well it works. Don't forget to run the drill backwards! Eric in the colonies
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    lignum bowling balls

    if you carefully cut off the ivory tabs on the end, apparently the turning centers lie underneath. My first try at cutting bowls down to squarish mallets reduced the mass substantially, but still quite heavy. Next time will be for roundish carver's mallet methinks. Incidently the last two I...
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    Tips for re painting walls.

    My first axiom is to use more light than will be normally hitting the walls...If it looks good under bright lights, it should look good under normal light. I also use an LED flashlight against the wall to spot defects more easily- much better to find and fix before painting than after! For...