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    What Wood is This

    Jarrah i bought about 60 jarrah sleepers and then planed the front face. It looked just like that. Very dense lots of silica. Blunted my chainsaw every 3-4 cuts
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    David Charlesworth

    read a lot of his stuff over the years, always came across really well. A real loss
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    Drill Sharpening

    i can sharpen by hand but it take s me a while to get the feel back if i havent done it for a time. I also have a drill doctor, i find the drill doctor gives good consistent results but if i have lots to do by hand is quicker. I cant say i regret the drill doctor its reliable. Bigger drill bits...
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    Kity 618 jammed

    Looks like a press fit, they may fit onto a spindle. I would suggest some plusgas or loosening agent and leave for a bit and then apply a bearing puller or some gentle force. Hard to tell if they are plastic or alloy. In my experience a hot airgun is usefull to just give enough heat to loosen...
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    Advice wanted on combi woodworking machines

    i have a hmmer b3 winner if that helps, pretty much the same as a c3-31 but no thinknesser
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    The stringing is back dyed cherry/sycamore. I was trying to go for a more elegant trim than just rounding over
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Not very exciting but made this wall and shelf unit in english cherry and some maple mdf back panels. Took a while but i am fairly happy. The 41/2 metre worktop was challenging to make
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    i have been a woodworker a few years (20) and i think its easy to be cynical and mock these programs and the people on them. i must admit i found the pyjama guy a bit much. When it first started i was a bit cynical too. However my kids ,who despite my best efforts have never really gone woody...
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    The improved HML vise and screwing machine any more out there?

    I have one two. I have been missing the stock holders. Been meaning to make some on the lathe but never got round to it
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    Recommend a 3D printer for c£400

    i bought a cheaper 3d prinder an anycubic model. It was fine when i started but i got really frustrated that 1/3 of prints had defects and i spent more time faffing with it than printing. I then spent £600 on a qidi xplus. Like night and day spent all my time printing stuff without any major...
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    Buying my first plane.

    Planes come down a lot to what point you are using them, if you are doing a lot of wood prep then more planes are handy and bigger is also handy. If you are just fine tuning stuff after using machines then a number 4 or 3 may be ok. Everyone seems to have there own favorites and i think there...
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    Stanley 51 52

    Sorry got sidectracked i write them all down then forgot to take a photo i will try again this weekend so sorry
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    Stanley 51 52

    I will take measurement for you in morning
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    Stanley 51 52

    I have one if you are stilllooking. Owen
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    Sorby Pro-Edge

    i have one, i like the small footprint and in a small garage thats useful. Not sure fittinga lathe in is a sensible suggestion, and then how would you sharpen your turning chisels etc if you had a piece in the lathe? I use it a lot as a linisher and as a belt sander for pieces of metal and wood...