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    Electric vehicles

    Please read any of the UK electricity network EV charging strategy papers. Makes interesting reading. I can't have anything higher than a granny charger (13A socket)at my property as the local infrastructure has maxed out its ability to sustain more than 4 , yes 4 higher rated chargers...
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    Electric vehicles

    First Law of Thermodynamics prevents this. Just because you add a alternator or two does not mitigate the law. Energy cannot be created or destroyed , it only transforms from one form into another. You will use more energy in order to drive the alternators, just because the wheels are...
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    More Parkside rubbish! This time, a cordless chainsaw that's actually an Einhell

    Most machinery are all adequate in China Most machinery is made in the China. Same company, a few cosmetic tweaks and a differant livery. Just check cordless chainsaw in alibaba website and you will see the true cost of it, as bought by PARKSIDE, EINHELL, WICKES, SCREWFIX et all.
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    Vaccine Passports (domestic).

    Correct After being vaccinated, you are less likely to be severely affected by Covid. You may well catch it and spread it but the chances of dying from it will be reduced by over 85%, barring new mutations. This is why there will most likely be regular updates, similar to the flu jab. Our flu...
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    Securing your workshop

    My Advise Secure to the satisfaction of your insurance company. If you see someone breaking in , call the Police. If they steal things, claim of your insurance Not worth your health or life to intervene. A friend of mine got up from bed as some people were stealing his car from his drive, he...
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    Not a Plumber so WTF is going on

    Had this happen a few years ago. Condensate drain emerged from house and into a gutter downpipe. I used a garage fan heater, made up an improvised funnel to direct the hot air into the shoe at the bottom of the downpipe and blocked off at the gutter level( a sock). The warm air permeated up the...
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    The irritating world of discount codes (yandles or ffx - any working ones?)

    Not always, but if you see an item you wish, put it in your basket but don't complete the purchase, just close the webpage down. If its an intelligent website, you may well, in a day or so get an email with a " you did not complete your purchase , was everything OK, we can offer you a 5%...
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    Handforth parish council

    Putting to much power in a vested few locals. If you are friends with the parish council, need i say more
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    Blocking mice?

    I catch and release at least a mile from house
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    B&Q selling birch plywood!

    If your buying 20 sheets or more its always cheaper direct from the timber importers, even with delivery( double pallet)
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    car battery problem, any advice please?

    Either you have a failing battery, faulty circuit in car or you only use your car every three weeks or so for a couple of miles Shouldnt really need to charge a battery these days.
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    Axminster price increasing

    When looking at Amazon, regardless which . Web , always look at at despatched from , if its EU Serl or Gmbh etc, you could be liable pay Import duty, handling charge and Vat. It must say despatched from Amazon UK. Take a snapshop of it and keep it just in case Amazon try and ship it from...
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    Axminster Customer Service

    Do remember, you have options. If you go into most of the vendors lists on their websites , you can deselect them, albeit singly ( there is no deselect all, there is however an accept all !!)and there are usually hundreds. Once you have finally deselected all third party vendors and only...
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    Axminster Customer Service

    Simple Buy what you need Unsubscribe Buy what you need Unsubscribe A lot of sites now realise that this is what people do and their ultimate goal is to retain custom not drive them away. These companies use an engine that when you Unsubscribe , give options, with one usually how often do you...
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    What happens now?

    Watch out for a Work at Home supplement on your Council Tax, hopefully your employer will pay this. The Government and Councils will still need revenue!