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    Kiln dried oak stockist in midlands / derbyshire / yorkshire

    Hi Rick, As your from Sheffield have you tried Timber Specialists on Herries Road, they seem to have kiln dried oak listed on their website. Mark
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    Wooden Plane Restoration

    Hi Toby, the dimensions of the body are 8 3/8" x 3" x 1 5/8". I have found some sort of marking on the blade after a gentle scrub with a brass brush, but the marking seems to be mostly corroded away (see pic). Carl, thanks for the tip.
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    Wooden Plane Restoration

    Thanks very much guys, this is just the type of info I was looking for. So regarding the restoration, I will clean up the irons as mentioned, and for the plane bodies a wipe down with boiled linseed oil. I would imagine some of them are that dry that they may need a more than one application...
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    Wooden Plane Restoration

    My father in law who is a retired pattern maker has kindly given me his collection of wooden planes. Unfortunately since he retired over 20 years ago his tools have sadly been neglected, he had stored these planes in his green house. I intend to try and restore these back to working condition...
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    Jewellery box mk3.

    Very nice dw, I'm sure the recipient will treasure it. Thanks for taking the time to post your WIPs, I've enjoyed following them.
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    union jubilee lathe parts needed

    you could try here...
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    Book advice, please.

    Hi Will I've thought about buying the same book recently. You can get it directly from David Finck's website, with postage it comes in at just under £27. Cheers Mark
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    trimming using templates with router advice please !

    Louise, if you are unable to add a pin to your router table, an alternative method would be to clamp a triangular piece of wood to your table top and use the point of the triangle to guide your workpiece into the cutter. Just as you would with a fulcrum pin.
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    union jubilee

    Hi pip, The thread is 1" 10tpi. Cheers Mark
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    New 2012 Olympic logo

    Nice one Blister :D I had this sent to me yesterday... this years must have xmas present...
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    July Challenge " Decorated Platter " Upload you entry

    This is my entry for July, I started with a piece of ash approx 10" dia and 1.5" thick. Mounted it on a screw chuck and turned the bottom to shape, creating a recess for the chuck jaw. After reversing and flattening the face, I made an indexing wheel so that I could lock off the piece to...
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    Car body filler

    I've recently been watching a couple of Mick Hanbury's dvd's and he uses 'Leak Fix' filler because it dries black. I think this maybe what Kym is referring to as it is in yellow packaging and available from Halfords...
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    UPDATE , 2011 Challenge , UPDATE

    I much prefer... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: