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    The Grammar Thread

    Part of grammar is about making readability and understanding better. However, I still read the end of that as you complementing a clever common garden/tree rodent. 😂
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    Rebate depth?

    I would have thought with decent bit you’ll be able to do in one pass but unless I misunderstand the dimensions, you could always rout the other way, I.e 5-6 mm cut with multiple depth passes until depth is 18mm. Then you’d have 18-19mm (24-5/6) wood for support on each pass rather than the 12mm...
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    Sold Cordless nail/staple gun - new in sealed packaging - NEW PRICE!

    Nice of you to sell but is it a silly question why you didn’t just return it and get refund?
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    Stuff for my BA submission in August. AKA Welcome to The Dark Side.

    Very impressive Adam. Mirror above another piece reminds me of my nephew’s wife’s prize winning graduating pieces from her course
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    One for debate...... the Olympics has traditionally kicked off interest in a huge number of sports due to so many new things being shown. Kids fancy taking up anything from diving through judo to rugby to bmx etc etc. The normal coverage with so many sports covered has given kids (and adults)...
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    The realities of tool ownership...

    On a purely financial basis, there are probably better examples to use than drills as most aren’t stunningly expensive for the diy type tasks that someone who doesn’t own one already is likely to use one for (eg putting up a shelf or drilling for a few screw holes etc). I can fully understand...
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    Welcome from another Herts person who, like P.J, is from WGC
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    Who else thinks this?

    Not a single minute of the Euros being watched by me. Can’t stand the acting and tribalism. Anyone wanting a great advert for sport and brilliant contests only need to hav3 watched the rugby premiership semi-finals and final. Stunning games and not one faked injury
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    Reusing wood from old antique furniture?

    Funnily enough, that was exactly my plan for an old bureau around 20 years ago (cd player player instead of turntable). I never did make it but it’s a nice way to reuse/upcycle a bit of furniture. As for the OP. ‘brown’ furniture, I’d sell it if in good or better condition. I had same issue...
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    POE cables - I'm going insane!

    Have real fun with thick coated Cat6e external cable....then you know what a battle is with RJ45 plugs (direct Poe to cctv rather than via patch which would have been more sensible except the switch from the patch would have needed to be Poe)
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    Neighbour's circular saw accident

    Put loose timber top of the list. While lying upside down screwing work top into wall mounted support for quick/rough benching in garage yesterday, a piece of 3x2 which I had forgotten was leaning on wall behind me fell and hit me on the head 😀. So, timber is most dangerous.....
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    Flat bit

    Pull cord attached to cable :)
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    Flat bit

    Not surprisingly, I had no idea about the cable hole. However, in reality how often does anyone think it’s used? Vast majority of the time if you can see the drill bit you’re going to see the hole from wherever it’s finished up. Most flat bits would be used where bigger than a standard wood...
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    car battery problem, any advice please?

    Still think the trickle charger Optimate/Accumate that a couple of us have suggested is the most sensible option as it’s simple plug in then leave. A lot quicker than disconnecting/reconnecting or swapping batteries. One point to remember is that if you disconnect alarm or battery your insurance...
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    car battery problem, any advice please?

    Accumate trickle charger with optional extension lead so that the charger and all electrics are in garage and it’s just the charging cable which is outside. Put a permanent connector plug on the battery terminals then it’s literally a few secs to connect up. Bonnet can normally be closed...