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    Found Veritas RH Shooting board plane

    Mine is not for sale, but have had had it for many years. The PMV11 blade is excellent. It is easy to sharpen and they hold their edge well - I use DMT dia-sharp stones. However, they are not as quick to sharpen as O1. I dropped my blade a long while back and dinted the edge ( I have rubber...
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    Hi from Malmesbury, Wiltshire

    Hi @baileytog and welcome. I'm just down the road from you Chippenham. Good to see all the Wiltshire Woodworkers coming out :)
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    Rutlands Warning!

    FWIW I have not used Rutland for many years ( buy direct from Banggood now😀). I found their products to be either poor or barely adequate (kind of expected). However found their CS to be quite good.
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    drum sander?

    I have the Laguna 16-32 Supermax. Fairly easy to achieve thickness accuracy of 0.1mm with DRO. Max thickness is 75mm. I like the speed of changing the load - usually takes <30s if I have my head on straight. Never regretted getting the machine.
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    Veneer identification

    No expert here, but the left hand side of the piece has an Elm-like grain.
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    Lets have a Parf 3

    It makes sense to me. I have no knowledge of the concentricity of routers and bits, but the verticalness/verticality (please insert correct word :) ) of drilling is the weak link in this otherwise superb system.
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    Woodpecker clamping squares

    Hi Pete, Yes, I've bought several over the years - originally some ABS ones from somewhere, but these flex a little. I then got some Alu ones from Rutlands - most of which were out of square and returned. More recently I got a couple of sets (different sizes) of the Banggood ones with the...
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    CamVac 386-5 or Axminster AW118CE

    Hi Triton, I have the 386-5. Regarding airflow i don’t think you can equate the airflow of HPLV to LPHV systems. I can tell you that I use the CamVac all day - I have a quick cuff system and and can easily switch it between my Sabre 350, Table Saw, Thicknesser, and separate Jointer/Surface...
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    DW745 bench saw suddenly stopped working during cutting

    Ok this happened to me - exactly the same issue. Even the bit about sometimes restarting after a period of time. I know this makes no sense, but I cut off the plug and replaced it. Never had another problem. Regardless of logic maybe worth a go. Good luck.
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    Sabre 250 Guide Bearings

    Sabre 350 here. A bearing failed after a few months. RP replaced it without issue. Really rate their customer service. That was a couple of years ago. No issues since. 5 Year Guarantee on all their kit I think.
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    MDF Workbench top - best finish?

    The bench is 1600 x 800mm. The MDF sits on a frame of the same size with 3 cross batons. I regret that design because the batons interfere with the orientation of the hold down clamps I use frequently with the MFT holes. When I change the top I’m going to remove the batons and replace with a...
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    MDF Workbench top - best finish?

    I’ve been using 18mm MDF for my bench top for many years. It’s flat and stable and absolutely perfect. Simply finished with Rustins MDF sealer. It’s MFT'd with the Parf Guide System. I tend to replace it every 2 or 3 years or so when glue spills and general damage dictates. Always used cheap...
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    What is your go-to hand tool for chamfering or rounding edges

    I now use the HONGDUI Chamfer Plane (previously Veritas LA Block) - outstanding bit of kit. Whole thing on offer at the moment and doesn't cost much more than a blade from some places :) Link if you're interested. Chris
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    how to sand cast iron miter slots

    Hi Smiley, I have the 254 version and I was interested in what mine were. Firstly, I noted Gog's comment about an adjustable guage. I use an Incra 1000HD, but noted that the minimum slot width is 0.74inch, but that is 18.8mm. That is such a far cry from yours is that I would consider this a...
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    Having trouble with wood finishes…hardwax oils vs varnish

    FWIW I've used Osmo Polyx for table tops and cabinet tops for years and have never had an issue - despite sustained family abuse - without issue. I understand that The Polyx version has a higher density of solids which makes it more durable. It is also suitable for floors! May be the use of the...