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    The living hell of dust extraction diameters

    First of all I liked Budweiser when I drank beer but that was a long time ago 😀 I discovered the solution to this problem only a couple of years ago. I didn’t get the idea from anywhere else but stumbled upon it by accident; so perhaps not well known. The solution is automotive silicone straight...
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    Drawing software.

    Hi REN, in answer to your question, I use Graphic for Ipad for virtually every project that requires CAD. It’s a lot easier to use with an Apple Pencil. There is a Mac version too and I sometimes switch between the two. Graphic is 2D only, but that’s never got in the way for me. I’ve tried...
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    MCB Tripping

    I am not qualified to offer advice. Nevertheless, I found that switching from a Type B to Type C MCB solved a very similar problem.
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    INCRA Mast-R-Lift II

    I have the exact same setup as Mike; very happy. I have a Wixey on my thicknesser, but not this - my logic is that absolute measurement changes with each bit change and the setup allows intrinsic height adjustment to 0.05mm. Also I find Wixey on thicknesser drifts by a few 0.1mm over time -...
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    Circular blade for tenons?

    Couple of thoughts. Vertical cuts way to go unless length of timer prohibits owing to space or safety. Uneven surface likely to be compensated for by glue - I've never had an issue with this in the past. I don't find tear out an issue when I use a 5mm CMT grooving blade, but tend use it for...
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    Bandsaw - Laguna or Record Power

    Not sure if one can extrapolate, but I have the Sabre 350. Very happy - only 2 issues. Dust extraction is very poor - had to create my own workaround for that. I only use 5/8 blade max - feel that saw cannot easily tension 3/4.
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    Resaw blade advice

    Would just like to echo Mike and Sploo. I have had the Record Power Sabre 350 for a few years and wasted too much money on trying to get 3/4 blades to tension correctly. I get perfect results with a 5/8 3tpi blade for resawing.
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    Surface Planer

    IMHO they are not good - I bought the Rutlands one a few years ago when it was on offer for £100 - I was curious. They are made of aluminium and are not at all sturdy - especially the fence. It's like a toy. Having said that if you don't have a hand plane or the budget for anything else then...
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    Are cheap cyclones any good?

    Already answered, but yes they work very well. Mine connected to an old Dyson - after a year of use the very small Dyson bin is less than 5% full!
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    That is a stunning mallet - just amazing. It would look even better in my workshop :)
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    Table saw v Track saw A bit of advice please

    I'm not sure it's possible to help without knowing how it is used. I have a table saw, band saw. mitre saw and track saw and use them all daily (except track - used infrequently). Each is better at something than another. Most of my work is small (<1m) and I wouldn't want to be without any of...
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    Shooting board

    Hi Doug, thank you for the link - that's an inspirational post! Cheers Chris
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    Shooting board

    Hi Doug, thank you for this post. I have the same plane and a Veritas shooting board, which I use with a shop-made donkeys ear for long end grain work. I've never been 100% happy with the results, but it does work. I've tried and failed to produce a 45 degree board like yours. Grateful if you...
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    Anyone seen new Hanks film, 'Greyhound'?

    It's a great film - really enjoyed it. Exclusive to Apple TV+ I understand. Watch it for free since there's a free trial - otherwise it's £6/month, which can be cancelled at any time (I think!). Worth £6 to watch this movie IMHO :)
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    Extraction Rate Maths (I'm Confused)

    I can only quote my own experience. I use a shopvac for hand held tools (domino, sander, router etc). I use a HPLV (55L 1100W - about £100) for thicknesser, jointer, table saw and router table. I have a 6m 100mm hose which I switch from machine to machine - it's a pain but takes a few seconds...