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    First of all I liked Budweiser when I drank beer but that was a long time ago 😀 I discovered the solution to this problem only a couple...
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    Chris Hawkins replied to the thread Drawing software..
    Hi REN, in answer to your question, I use Graphic for Ipad for virtually every project that requires CAD. It’s a lot easier to use...
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    Chris Hawkins reacted to Spectric's post in the thread MCB Tripping with Like Like.
    You have no discrimination. There is also no mention of how long this cable run is and the type of cable. Also what is after the 16amp...
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    Chris Hawkins replied to the thread MCB Tripping.
    I am not qualified to offer advice. Nevertheless, I found that switching from a Type B to Type C MCB solved a very similar problem.
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    Chris Hawkins replied to the thread INCRA Mast-R-Lift II.
    I have the exact same setup as Mike; very happy. I have a Wixey on my thicknesser, but not this - my logic is that absolute measurement...
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    Chris Hawkins replied to the thread Circular blade for tenons?.
    Couple of thoughts. Vertical cuts way to go unless length of timer prohibits owing to space or safety. Uneven surface likely to be...