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Recent content by Chris Brunton


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  1. Chris Brunton

    Boat builders' thread

    Morning Duke, Have a peep at this... (y)🛶
  2. Chris Brunton

    Boat builders' thread

    ...still putting the bitumen on to waterproof it at the mo - and a couple of little extras like a hand carved cleat to cover the calico at the end of the thwart... then the top speed is how fast I can fall in, or how many circles I turn in a minute!!! I'll add a photo when it's properly finished...
  3. Chris Brunton

    Boat builders' thread

    I've just made a boat... in the last 2 days! A tiny bit more to do - finish the bitumen (maybe a few more coats, and add the gunwale laths). I'll be on the river Lea in the next few days (y)
  4. Chris Brunton

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    A request from my sister for her street's Community Garden
  5. Chris Brunton

    Best handle wood?

    If you're ever in the Hertfordshire direction, I've loads of Ash, quite a bit of Hornbeam (plenty in Herts!), a bit of Field Maple, Apple, etc. ...and Hornbeam is the English equivalent of Hickory. Apple or Hornbeam were used as the teeth for 17,18,19th Century cogwheels for watermills &...
  6. Chris Brunton

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Good stuff :-)
  7. Chris Brunton

    Universal machine maintenance

    I have a Robland 260 Universal machine. The thicknesser table 'squeals' dreadfully as I lower the table. Can any member advise me how to access the underneath of the machine to grease or oil the screw thread please?