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    Harvey table saw refurbishment

    Really helpful thread this i have the same saw which i bought brand new from lyndhurst the deft T30 Gold Top. It has had very little use and in my opinion is a excellent table saw will follow this thread closely.
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    Help please DEFT T30

    Thanks lads replaced the start capacitor and back to normal runs better than before .
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    Help please DEFT T30

    Thanks for the help lads going to get the start and run capacitor off and see if i can get any decent ones from RS electricals who are local to me.
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    Help please DEFT T30

    I am trying to put pics up but it is saying file is to big do you think it could be the on off switch.
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    Help please DEFT T30

    Thasks for the quick reply there looks like there are two on this motor.
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    Help please DEFT T30

    Been a while since I posted nice to see the forum doing really well. Yesterday I was cutting a piece off 18mm ply on my table saw a deft t30 I have had it since new a it has been very lightly used. It turned on fine and run as usual no probs i finished the cut and turned it off then i went to...
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    MDF Spraying

    I use zinzer bin primer and sealer it does a excellent job on sealing sawed edges in mdf then i have used 2k or cellulose paint from my local automotive paint suppliers and have had very good results.
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    Kapex vs Bosch Axi Glide Model

    I just purchased a new saw and i was torn between the Bosch 12 gdl and the Kapex 120 so off i went to Axminster in nuneaton and had a good play with the Kapex and cut a couple of 3 x 2's etc in there demo area and then played with the Bosch was very impressed by the quality and smoothness of the...
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    Another built in Finally fitted!

    looks really nice
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    Has anyone got a Deft Bandsaw?

    I have the Deft T30 T.S and the Deft bandsaw it is a excellent piece of kit very powerfull and also accurate i have cut 8" oak veneers easily with a tuff saw blade. The Deft spindle moulder is also a awsome bit of kit =D> .
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    Track saws

    +1 For the track saw i have the Makita version and it is a excellent piece of kit I also have a Table Saw but each have there uses =D> .
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    Dado Blade

    Happy New Year to everyone hope every one has a healthy,safe and prosperous new year, I am going to be starting on a kitchen build and a few bedroom wardrobes in the next few weeks and i would like to purchase a Dado Blade setup i have a suitable table saw which will accommodate the blade easily...
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    HVLP Setup

    Hi i had the same dilemma a when i wanted a spray setup after looking at the benefits of each setup hvlp and a compressor setup i went for the compressor setup i use a good quality spray gun with a 3hp 100ltr compressor from axminster the 50 ltr version is the same power and will also work my...
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    Saw blade advice

    Hi mate i get my blades sharpened from a precise saws up in Deykin avenue in aston just off electric avenue they offer a very good service and there sharpening is top notch they do all sort's of blades etc.
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    How do you rate Charnwood?

    I was looking at the chranwood range off tools and at the time i was struggling to find reviews on tere bandsaw and spindle moulder but then a good geal come up and i bought a deft spindle moulder and i have to say it is a excellent piece of kit very heavy,stable and powerfull. It come with a...