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    Holdfast - what have you got?

    These come up quite often in '.vide greniers' (Boot sales) here in France where they are clled 'valets' and can be bought for one or two €'s.
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    Turning tool, at least I think so.

    It is a rouanne de sabotier, AKA une langue de chat (Cat's tongue), used by a clogmaker to hollow the inside of a clog after opening the interior with an 'alesoir', a sort of side cutting bit.
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    Tiny wooden plane, but what’s it task?

    The word croze has always puzzled me as the French equivalent tool is the 'jabloir'. Croze must be derived from the French 'creux' which means a hollow. Any etymologists out there?
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    Here in France I have had the same problem. I planted my tomatoes about 50cm apart but in the allotment other gardeners who spaced their plants 1 metre apart have had little or no disease.
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    Blackthorn - not Blackadder :)

    Yes, the Irish walking stick/cudgel or shillelagh was traditionally made from blackthorn. Wikipedia has a description and details of how to make them.
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    Talk of new benches has got me wondering

    It is always the practice to mount the face vice on the left of the bench, but why? When I made my bench, I mounted the vice on the right with the vice jaws outside the edge of the bench surface so you can saw through wood in one operation. It also means that the main work area is in natural...
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    Who else thinks this?

    I would like to make the same complaint to the BBC Radio 4 coverage of cricket. This bizarre sport is declining in popularity as it is too complicated and takes too long. Who can imagine a sport which can be played for 5 days and not have a definitive result? Fortunately I have an internet radio...
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    Using a hacksaw cutting big(gish) stuff. Or how to saw a railway line.

    I would like to find a piece of Brunel's broad gauge rail, known as 'bridge' rail or 'top hat' sometimes found supporting fences or notices. I suppose a battery powered angle grinder and a quiet night would be essential.
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    Measurements not measuring up

    Women have the habit of measuring with a cloth dressmaker's tape. These stretch after many years of use so never rely on a dimension measured with one of these.
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    The State Of Furniture

    My parents when first married just pre-war, bought Utility furniture which was all that was available. My mother denied that it was Utility but the mark was visible when the piece was upended. I inherited most of it but disposed of it all mainly due to the smell of the wood, but it was well put...
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    The sharpening debate - razor blades!

    During WW1 soldiers were sharpening razor blades on the interior of broken bottles. This led Richard Lillicrap to invent the hone that bears his name. These are used by rubbing the blade on the curved surface of the green glass hone. They can be bought for about £10 in second hand sales. I am...
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    garage door problem

    I have an up&over garage door: Comfort 220.2 made by Marantec in Germany, installed about 10 years ago. The door is controlled by remote control and sometimes opens spontaneously. I removed the cover thinking that spiders webs were causing a short but there was no sign of that. Any ideas?
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    Bringing goods from the EU

    I live in France and have tried to place orders with British seed suppliers and have been informed that orders from the EU are not being accepted owing to Brexit. There are 17 M&S food stores around Paris which have empty shelves owing to Brexit regs.
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    Method of joining simple bookcase

    Remenber that Jesus, a carpenter, did not use MDF, nor ply though I suppose he would have if it had been available
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    mighty sealant

    I saw on Pinterest a waterproofing spray: an aerosol can of about 50cl which was being applied to a wet roof and a leaking pipe. I ordered a can at €20 and what arrived was a tiny (30ml) bottle with the instructions that it should be applied to a dry surface. I have obviously been scammed but I...