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  1. Bodone

    Dust extractor for garage size man cave

    I have a Henry running through a cyclone for lathe and saw and then one of these. I just set the timer and leave it running. Think I paid about £130 before Christmas. https://www.yandles.co.uk/record-power-ac400-two-stage-air-filter-with-remote-3-speeds-and-time-delay/p5004
  2. Bodone

    Won't somebody think of "young people"? (Edit: and No, older people aren't "to blame")

    Sheffield in the 70’s and 80’s was no fun - Every generation seems to have a pivotal struggle. Our children now are more open, enabled and told they can do anything. Reality is a kicker. And go watch when the wind blows, classroom lessons on hiding under the desk to avoid nuclear annihilation...
  3. Bodone

    starrett square

    Ok for me.
  4. Bodone

    What's this spigot/pin thing?

    Here you go.
  5. Bodone

    What's this spigot/pin thing?

    Hi All, is there a name for the metal spigot/bus guide and 'cup' on the attached picture? It's for a wool bobbin type thing. Could use a bearing and ground down screw thread, but this looks neater. Thank you h
  6. Bodone

    Imperial vs Metric

    If you’re doing Knots, then what about AU’s?
  7. Bodone

    Invasion of US Capitol building

    What’s this ‘metal’ thing you speak of?
  8. Bodone

    How would you rate the UK's handling of this pandemic?

    I despise the conservatives and Boris, but as a life long labour person I honestly think they would have been as equally clueless especially after the Corbyn, useless pineapple (Didn’t use a fruit word - seems forum does not like bad words even though he’s a foul language alert ), debacle over the last few years...
  9. Bodone

    Pointless object

    I picked one of these up on fleabay for about £25 i think. Not used it yet, so cannot comment on suitability, safety etc. If no good, i'll repurpose the bits. https://www.rockler.com/rockler-router-table-spline-jig
  10. Bodone

    Laminate sheet - where to buy?

    Appreciate the offer Joel but I’m a little bit north for Barnett, just south of Sheffield.
  11. Bodone

    Laminate sheet - where to buy?

    Looking at building wheeled router table, couple of layers of MDF sort of thing, with glued on surface. Where’s best to source laminate sheet for table top? Not something I’ve done before so absolutely no idea with laminates and veneers. Thanks all
  12. Bodone

    starrett square

    Rule of three, have 250, 300, 350 - must resist 200! Funny how 200 is dearest.
  13. Bodone

    And BREXIT Bites

    In the States there used to be companies where you could drop ship to as they had lower state tax and they would then forward on. Not sure if still exists, but wonder if we'll start seeing it in the UK. Charging NI people etc that much of a premium, hows that fair.
  14. Bodone

    How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

    Another new ‘turner’ here. Started late last year, mainly pens for the family. For my other half at christmas i managed to get hold of two wood blanks from an old windmill. All going well until i got to the woodworm! Decided to make a feature of it rather than fill.
  15. Bodone

    starrett square

    Yep, OCD kicked in, had to order the 300 to complete the set.