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    Plough plane recommendations

    Record 043 for smaller work,or Record 044, for larger work, although it will do the smaller sizes of cutters. These are the older metal handled models. Either of these you will not go wrong. When buying either of these be sure all the parts are there, especially the blade clamp. Bod
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    Multi fuel stove and wooden fire surround regs

    This is a dangerous practice. Logs stored like this WILL get too hot, and burn! (even if they are soaking wet, covered in snow) At least 6 inches/150mm gap should be left whenever the fire is in use. Bod
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    Tools: Fewer but more expensive, or more but cheaper?

    https://www.getwoodworking.com/news/article/mint-boxed/865 Living on a boat, I know the space limitations, a box this size will store and be carriable for enough tools to get you going. Just be sure to make this big enough to to take a small panel saw, trust me a panel saw with 2 inches cut from...
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    Furniture restoration

    Photos will help greatly. Bod
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    Joke thread

    Thats no joke, it's the truth. Bod.
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    Advice needed on old Stanley plane blade retraction

    Bottom of the new cap iron, how much bend has it compared to the old rusty one? Worth trying the rusty one with the new blade, just to see if the plane adjusts. Bod
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    Old tools salvaged from my Grandparent's houses

    The "egg-beater" type drill, looks interesting, it's a Suffolk Iron Foundry (SIF) made item, and dated 1943. If it's not too badly worn, then there may be a little collector value. But worth keeping if you have a use. Bod
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    Advice needed on old Stanley plane blade retraction

    IF you received the photographed plane, then it should be all ok. The photos show a normally adjusted tool. When researching the age, did you use an American Time line? Your plane is made in England, which does not follow the American time line for changes, English changes have not been recorded...
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    Advice needed on old Stanley plane blade retraction

    How much blade is sticking out under the cap iron? Should be 0.5-1.5mm. If its 5mm+ then the blade will not retract completely. Bod
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    How old is this roof?

    Has this house been up for sale recently? (last 6-8 months) I'm looking at houses to buy, mainly on rightmove, as present, and have seen a bungalow, with a loo and shower room in the back of the garage, which I thought was unusual. Bod
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    Book selling best outlet suggestions

    Any books on clock repairing? Particularly 400 day clocks. Bod
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    Canal boat people. Please help me out.

    As I understand, from other long term users, it takes 2 years to compost enough to be used on non food crops, and 3 years to be used on edible food crops. The “wee” has to be kept separate to prevent smells, and can be disposed in the normal sewage system. Bod
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    Canal boat people. Please help me out.

    Hope you got good bags! Bod
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    Canal boat people. Please help me out.

    But what do you do with “contents” whilst the composting takes place? Bod