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    "Off the shelf" vs DIY workbenches

    Your vice, doesn't need to be new, just servicable. Top doesn't need to be hardwood, just flat. The ability to resurface, in time is a good idea. DIY, means the top can be at the right height for you, not you having to bend to someone else's idea. DIY means your bench fits where you want it to...
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    Anyone use one of these?

    I was brave, I took the back off.... Not exactly current state of the art. Still not pluged it in. Bod
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    Great teaching book :D

    How very clearly written. Well worth printing off. Bod
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    Anyone use one of these?

    A Tragonic controller. My latest late father-in-Law find. There is no indication of age, except its, 3 square pin plug and socket. It appears to be a variable resistor for single phase mains electricity. The instruction leaflet is in 6 european languages, so was expected to sell widely...
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    Sold Brace and 4 bits

    Wonder why they asked if I had any spare cable.... The buyer has assured me it's for use, not ornament. Bod
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    Sold Brace and 4 bits

    I have given first refusal. Bod
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    Sold Brace and 4 bits

    Made in England Stanley No.81, 10 inch brace, with 4 non matching bits, 1 inch, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4. There's at least another generation of work left in the brace, no wear is to be seen, except the loss of finish on the woodwork. This is sold on the understanding that it will not be "up-cycled" to...
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    Sold Bench top Planer/Thicknesser

    Sold subject to collection. PM sent to Antonio-d
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    For Sale Sliding Compound mitre chop saw.

    RYOBI EMS2025SCL chop saw, complete with dust bag, hold down clamp,both out riggers, and end stop. The laser light does not work. Again due to workshop going into storage, I cannot keep it. Any question, please send me a PM. for a quicker response. Collection from Fleet, north Hampshire. £125...
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    Sold Bench top Planer/Thicknesser

    Too heavy to post! I've not got the box it came either! Sorry Bod.
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    Sold Bench top Planer/Thicknesser

    Owing to packing up into storage my workshop, my Zipper Z1-HB204 planer/thicknesser is for sale. Comes with spare unused blades, and belt. Barely used push stick. Instruction books in both German and English The machine has seen little use, hence the dust! £125 collected from Fleet in north...
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    Tool identification

    Hair curlers. Bod
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    Saw Sharpening

    The use of a hacksaw blade clamped or taped to the workpiece will give the tooth spacing. Using every other hacksaw tooth would give 12tpi from a 24 tooth blade, 9 from an 18 tooth etc. Bod
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    Help required (Stoke on Trent/Staffordshire)

    Eclipse not holding square, check for paint blobs, in the grooves, remove any found. One groove is straight, this one sets the angle of the blade, the other is curved, the idea is to grip the blade in 3 points for firmness. This will also grip an out of parallel blade, which may give a...
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    Help required (Stoke on Trent/Staffordshire)

    Using the Eclipse jig, will put right any fault, given enough time and effort. You haven't put a bevel on both sides, have you? If there is a bevel on just one side, then make sure the back is flat, and has no deep rust pits close to the cutting edge. Fit the blade into the jig at the longest...