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    leather strops and buffing compound

    My parcel has arrived now too, thank you so much to both of you. This really is a lovely community, helping each other out and also supporting a number of charities through kindness like this :)
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    Quick question on changing plug sockets.

    Flush ones are definitely a pain that I’d avoid if you don’t mind the look of the normal style. Please also make sure that they’re all earthed properly or you can get a belt off just touching anywhere on the plate if there were to be a loose wire inside.
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    Musicians doing home sessions.

    Great idea for a thread BM101! I've been watching the Dunwells at 6pm every night on their Facebook. They're a brother duo who usually have really lovely harmonies, but at the moment as they're isolated apart they're just doing songs individually - great songs still though. I've also caught a...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Mark thats a nice planter. For those side panels have you thought about having them the other way up (I.e. tongue at the top) as the way you got it at the moment any water will sit in the groove and rot it quicker than it needed to?
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    Post something COVID social distancing has allowed....

    It's given me a good opportunity to send letters to my neighbours (that I only vaguely know) offering help and a chat if they want it. They've sent letters back too so that feels like a good step forward! Yesterday my 9 year old daughter chose a carrot cake recipe and then made the whole thing...
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    Help with workshop rewire please

    Yes, that's right - all sockets have the live side as a female, otherwise you'd have live pins sticking out that someone might touch. Blue is the standard for a 230V single-phase connection, red is 400V three-phase (and yellow is 110V) so that part depends on what you want to connect to the socket.
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    It's basically just a case of moving the limits of the courseness dial that's on the side. It's dead easy, although if you go too far then you'll end up grinding the burrs on each other so make the adjustments incrementally would be my advice. Here's a random video I just found on how to do it...
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    I agree with novocaine about the Aeropress, it's great. It really comes in to its own for having decent coffee at work as the clean up is so quick and easy. I've got the same de'longhi grinder that Novocaine recommended and it's good enough for me. A nice thing about it is that by undoing a few...
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    British Hardwoods open day

    What sort of things were going on through the day? Did you get any photos?
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    A wooden bicycle

    That. Is. Epic!
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    Favourite Instagram Woodworkers

    I don't know anything about who they are but the Waters & Acland Furniture School has loads of really lovely work by their students on their account:
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    Mike, I've noticed it in a few of your posts but what do you mean when you write "ex" before a dimension please?
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    Aldi wine

    If you like an Australian Shiraz then I can really recommend a bottle called Firemark which Tesco sell, it’s normally £8 but at the moment is on offer at £5 which is a proper bargain for a very tasty wine.
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    Newbie advise

    Welcome Michael! I don't see why it couldn't be done with a track saw, and managing to do things with less tools is always preferable to buying something big specifically for it (particularly as a cheap table saw may be more hassle than it's worth). Have a look on Youtube for the tracksaw...
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    Dom's workshop build

    That’s looking fantastic Dom, it was only a page ago that it looked like a building site and now it’s a proper workspace. What are those square lights that you’ve got? I’m thinking about upgrading my lighting so would be interested to hear how you get on with them.