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    axminster pen

    Timberbits routes overseas orders via Singapore and with this being his busiest time of year you're looking at around 2 weeks maybe longer. A recent order I placed took close to 3 weeks. He's a good supplier though and his prices are pretty keen. Regards, beejay
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    Forum Users Bandsaws

    Startrite 352E plus a selection of Tuffsaws blades (thanks ian) Still getting used to it,, but I think im in love :) regards, beejay
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    JCB tools

    The brand did for a long time belong to the Alba Bush company.(Rights to use the brand for power tools, bought from JCB) The brand was sold when the group was sold off a few years ago but the product is still almost certainly sourced from some of the same Chinese factories used by Alba Bush...
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    Advice requested for fitting handles, please!

    As George says and I would suggest making the holes for the tangs deeper than the length of the tank to allow room for the excess epoxy. I'd also use slow setting epoxy, not the rapid (5min) stuff. regards, beejay
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    Edinburgh/West Lothian/Fife Woodturning Club

    Hi Lee, You may issues when it comes to finding a suitable venue. There are probably a lot of halls and community centres that could do with the revenue that a well attended club would generate but,,, a woodturning club is seldom top of their preferred list. Dust, mess and storage issues often...
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    +Pen making

    Hi Danny, All as stated by the other guys. You didn't say so I assume you are cutting the blank into 2 parts before you're drilling. regards, beejay
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    New Metabo SCMS

    Did you by any chance notice if the induction motor model is capable of trench cuts? regards,beejay
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    tru grind or wolverine?

    Ive owned and used both and I stayed with the wolverine. I found it much quicker and easier to use and couldn't manage without it now. beejay
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    Olive wood required,,please

    Hi All, Not posted for a while due to work mainly.:oops: I need some void free nicely figured attractive olive wood. it can be wild, spanish, bethlehem etc. I'm looking for a length of 12" x 2" x2" or even 1.3/4"square would be enough. I can buy or I can trade in pen blanks. My collection...
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    dust be gone mask?

    Ive used one for a few years now and its probably on a par with most good disposables It will steam the glasses on occasions but not as much as disposables. Its comfortable, washable, and works out cheaper over time than disposables. Its also very easy to keep in yout turning tunic and you dont...
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    Wood Choice

    Ive turned a few of these recently and use woods like beech, iroko , cocobolo, lignum vitae etc. A shaving bowl lid should be a loose fit and I only oil the wood once and buff it. Its not worth trying to waterseal the wood. just leave it natural and it'll be ok as long as the wood is naturally...
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    Acrylic Pen Blanks

    Hi Dave, A very nice looking pen you've got there. Acrylics often show the brass tube when you get to the end and a tip I picked up is to paint the inside of the blank as well as the tube. A cotton bud works well for this. I also use quick set epoxy for acrylics as superglue doesn't always hold...
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    Anti-fatigue matting

    I use something similar from Machine Mart and they make a difference. Warmer feet and less strain on knees and back. beejay
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    Iroko Clock??

    Hi Paul, Very nice clock! I thought Iroko had more of a yellow tinge, I just turned some myself hence the observation. Your clock looks like utile or sapele to me but Im no expert on woods. Do like the clock though. Regards, beejay
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    You wont find the pro edge or the tormek will give you a better edge over a decent wheel on a grinder. Your tools will look shinier but you won't notice any difference in performance of the tool. I didnt anyhow. Tormek is not the best set up for sharpening turning tools and your likely to end...