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    10" Mitre Saw

    I had a look at the Makita lLS 1019 L today. I was very impressed with the quality and design and would of probably of bought it there and then. But i Really do not like the way the tall fences has to be removed for beveled cuts, a sliding fence like some of the other makita saws should be...
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    Sharpening stones?

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FAITHFULL-Dou ... SwFnFV8X-H Faithull 400 and 1000 grit diamond plate and stand is good value I have used one of these for 2 years with no problems
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    80mm square hardwood in south sumbria?

    Knipes at allithwaite could be worth a call
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    Need a new spirit level recommendations?

    I bought a set of these 3 Sola levels last year. They are in daily use and ii am very pleased with them. Stabila and BMI are also good https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sola-BigX-Set- ... +level+set
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    hot melt glue guns - bulk offer

    I use 213 and 135, used for bonding ceramics to wood https://www.gluegunsdirect.com/shop/glu ... nd-213-12/ https://www.gluegunsdirect.com/shop/glu ... nd-135-12/
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    hot melt glue guns - bulk offer

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/tec-Hot-Melt- ... CyYpe92Ifg Tec 810 hot glue gun is the best heavy duty gun ive used. Ive used thousands of sticks with no issue
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    Recommendation for Good Roller Stand

    This would be a great stand to own. Just like the old heavy duty type http://www.woodmachinery.f9.co.uk/rollerstand.html
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    DMT EXTRA EXTRA Read all about it!

    I have had similar problem to Fromey with my Extra coarse that I bought earlier this year., It lost its bite in a matter of days, it still works but very slowly compares to new. My medium and 1200 grit have been brilliant and they are a few years old. I think I will try Ezelap next time to...
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    Larry Haun youtube video is full of good tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-mS76qjI0g
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    Work trousers

    Ive worn Apache trousers for the last 4 years, they wear well and come in 29", 31" and 33" leg which suits me as ive only got short legs. http://www.apacheindustrialworkwear.co. ... k-189.html
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    Which grade of Diamond plate for final honing

    I bought a DMT 4000 grit plate It is good for honing an edge for normal use. The edge would need a strop to produce a mirror polish, but that isn't required for a lot of my work
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    Woodworking bible?

    The Woodworkers Bible Published in the 80's but still a good source of info http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Woodworkers ... kers+bible
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    Chainsaw helmet

    I bought a Husqvarna recently, better than my older stihl. Very good ear defenders and good clear visor, well worth the extra money.
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    Bailey No. 7 plane spare parts?

    I was told, Plus-gas is a penetrating and easing oil WD-40 is a water dispellent Plus-gas is good stuff, but it needs time to soak into parts for the best results
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    DMT Dia sharp fine

    I am wanting to buy a DMT D8ME diamond stone. These 4000 grit stone are available in the USA but I haven't seen anyone selling them in the uk. Anyone seen them in the UK? http://www.bestsharpeningstones.com/dmt ... _grit.html