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  1. Awac

    Can/Should I use Yew for a practice chanter???

    I like carving wood spoons, and it makes me worry when people carve them from yew, I got into a right “debate” with someone on instagram when I pointed out that yew is toxic….what do I know? https://www.kew.org/read-and-watch/analysis-of-yew-wood Those searching for evidence of yew wood...
  2. Awac

    The thickest book ever printed.

    I have always wanted one of these, and when I go on about it to others they look at me blankly. l am not the only geek here lol! Hurrah! 600,000 mile between major service overhaul if I remember right…no clutch, no gearbox, silent… The 1924 model Doble Series E steam car could run for 1,500...
  3. Awac

    Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees

  4. Awac

    Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees

    I use it, it uses the bing search engine. Not bad for searches, privacy policy pretty good. I always used duck duck go and was pleased with that but if this plants trees…well….it has my vote.
  5. Awac

    How would you go about creating something like this?

    Bill Hylton. I will second this book. Absolutely marvellous. If you want to make furniture buy this book first, it will answer any questions you might have with construction design.
  6. Awac

    No 5 plane - what is it for?

    I use a 5 1/2 with a camber for a roughing plane. It powers through when getting a board to shape. I also have a 5 with a less aggressive camber for general use as it is slightly lighter. I find the number 5 a very useful tool.
  7. Awac

    Metal or wood?

    Have a search online for "Workshop Practice Series 23 Workshop Construction" cheap little book, full of building advise and ideas.
  8. Awac

    Which bench top thicknesser?

    I have one as well, it is as Mike says….
  9. Awac

    Triton TWSS-10 whetstone & Tormek TT-50

    Bought a triton whetstone at a very good price, hardly used, so my first purchase was a truing tool. Looked at options and Tormek tt-50 was the best design, post 2019 model, (let us try to forget the tt-50 cost nearly as much as the Triton…lol). So bought it (Rothco & Frost best price I could...
  10. Awac

    Home vacuum advice please?

    Second the henry hoover, but I made a deck with rollers and put a Triton DCA 300 dust collection bucket in line (so I pull them around together). The Fine bag in the hoover I have changed once in a year. Easy to empty the bucket and tap its filter clean.
  11. Awac

    Winter storage, wax on tools?

    Sewing machine oil is brilliant for oilstone sharpening, and a very good price. I don’t get any reaction on my hands from it as well. Always keeps the stones clear.
  12. Awac

    Winter storage, wax on tools?

    https://ballistol.com/longevity/ Good stuff I find, but the smell is marmite, you’ll love it or hate it. Personally I love it, reminds me of aniseed, my wife tells me it smells of wet socks! :LOL:
  13. Awac

    Very basic wood carving gouges - advice needed

    Absolutely right. Try and decide what you want to carve first, difficult because until you try carving you are not sure what you will like! It does get addictive, and I buy every payday a new chisel…..yes I am at about a 100 right now. Don’t add it up, don’t add it up, dam, I added it up! Buy...
  14. Awac

    COP26 progress or same old

    If this workshop forum can talk more sense than the leaders of the world, then either everyone on this site is a genius or the politicians don’t really, deep down give a dam. Hey, that’s a close call! Seriously, they know, but they are going to keep blagging it, because they are comfortable and...
  15. Awac

    Lathe cleanup advice

    I use a triton DCA300 dust collection bucket, works well and hardly ever have to change the fine filter in the henry hoover (like once a year!).