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    Chinese Lathe woes

    I doubt that this is a safety feature. If it is then there are better places to put such a feature. As this is a belt driven lathe then I would expect that the belts would slip before damaging steel gears. Also, the headstock gears drive a shaft to the outside and another train of steel gears...
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    Chinese Lathe woes

    About 12-13 years ago I was living in South Africa and purchased a Chinese 3 in 1 lathe, coded HQ500. Some years later I returned to the U.K. and brought it with me. It has done well for me ( very light use ) until about 1-2 years ago when the auto feed stopped and the auto feed speed change...
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    Triton TPT125

    I, too, have the same problem, with my Triton thicknesser, of the blade height changing while the machine is running. It only occurs during the times when no wood is being put through, that is between pieces, which is a bit annoying if you are trying to get several pieces to the same thickness...
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    Where can I get Earlex HVLP needles?

    If they are available from Rockler then Silverline here in the UK import and distribute Rockler stuff. Maybe they could include one/some in any shipment from the 'States. Worth a try. Nigel
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    Sources of kiln dried hardwood less than 1"?

    Try these: https://www.exotichardwoods.co.uk Nigel
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    Router Springs

    The Triton routers specifically say to remove the spring when fitting to a table so I guess that it will be O.K. with your chosen router. One has to be careful with the Triton's or the spring will come out at a high speed and could cause some damage if it hits you in the face. Presumable other...
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    12-letter timber

    Massaranduba https://www.trada.co.uk/wood-species/ Nigel
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    Has this blade any other uses

    When drilling plastics, particularly brittle ones, it is recommended to just touch the cutting edge of the drill to the grindstone to make the drill have a scraping action rather than a cutting action. It would appear that your saw blade is for cutting UPVC in much the same way. Nigel
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    Router for table

    +1 for the Triton. Had one ( TRA001 ) for years in my table. The Triton doesn't need a router lift as it has one built-in. You just need to drill a hole in the table for the handle which comes with the router. If you go for another make check that it will be easy to change bits while it is...
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    Clamp recommendations

    That is a new addition that my Bessey's don't have. Must be a change due to the competition:) Nigel
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    Clamp recommendations

    I have both Bessey and Axminster trade clamps. I think that these are probably manufactured by the same factory ( in China?) as the Bessey clamp extenders fit the Axminster perfectly. The Axminster has one advantage over the Bessey in that the handle can be swiveled round to provide extra...
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    Timber planing service around London

    You could also try any local Men's Sheds. Some will have P/T's that you could use if you can wait until they open up again. My local Men's Shed has one but then I'm in Somerset and it is closed for the duration. Nigel
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    Dobsonian Telescope

    Hi Sandip, I have made many dobsonian telescopes, including the mirrors.:) I have been a member of "Stargazers Lounge" for 10 years and suggest that you join, Stargazers Lounge. It is U.K. based, there are many reports to read and plenty of good folks there to help you. Nigel
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    How well does a Collet reducer work?

    I have an old Triton router with a 1/2" collet and the 1/2"-1/4" reducer. No problems with it and you can still get these from here for £7 ish: https://www.tritontools.uk.com/routertra001sparespricelist.html Fits any 1/2" collet. Nigel
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    My homemade router table

    Actually it is a safety feature. Safety for both the operator and the router. The spindle lock is progressive as the router is raised and it is possible to have the shaft apparently locked when it is only just engaged. I had a problem with my first TRA001 ( an older design than current models)...