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    How Necessary is a Specialised Scrub Plane?

    I ought to have pointed out that my one and only LN is the 507 Rebating Block Plane. It is wonderfully well made and its performance is only limited by the skills of whoever is wielding it. I've no doubt that if I had e.g. an LN No 5, I would be as happy with it as I am with my Veritas LAJ.
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    How Necessary is a Specialised Scrub Plane?

    Am I right in thinking that with “fail to deliver” you mean that beginners can’t use L-N planes properly? I have experience of only one L-N plane but it is excellently made and most certainly delivers.
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    Books for small box projects

    If you prefer to work in metric, you can easily dispel your concerns, no matter what you make. Suppose you find a plan for a box which is 12 x 4 x 4 inches. All you have to do is think in terms of proportions: here it is 3:1:1 with the length of the “1” being whatever pleases you. All you need...
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    Computer Desk

    Thank you very much for the kind comments. The matching up of the boards was less than ideal. It's nearly all cherry but I thought the grain looked slightly unbalanced so I ripped down a piece of walnut to give me a book matched pair of about 2" by 1/8" and then inlaid them into the cherry, the...
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    How Necessary is a Specialised Scrub Plane?

    I think that at the next opportunity I will do two boards with each method so as to compare methods directly. I have in the past done it as you describe and got perfectly good results. I don't recall thinking that it was particularly easier though: much more a valid alternative.
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    Computer Desk

    Here are a couple of pics of a simple computer desk. One leg has cocked a bit but as I'm probably going to move soon, I'll probably let it settle into its new home before correcting. I reckon I could have made the legs a bit thinner and more tapered to make it look a bit more elegant but as...
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    Mystery tool

    Doesn't that hole in the middle suggest that it would be turned by putting a bar through it?
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    How Necessary is a Specialised Scrub Plane?

    @D_W Ref your "I can't imagine where a scrub would fit in for this kind of stuff..." Supposing that the original rough boards showed a fair degree of cupping. Those are the circumstances where I would use my Nr 5 - configured-as-a-scrub. I'd chamfer the far edge and then get the worst of the...
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    How Necessary is a Specialised Scrub Plane?

    @Jacob I had to grin at "... my answer to the Utah obelisk!" Is this a subtle way of telling us that you are from the planet Squlibx?
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    Astronomy and Cosmology.

    Further to the conversation so far, I typed "Hubble Latest Images" into google and amongst many other quite stunning pics, I stumbled on this: I find it to be almost hypnotic in its beauty (if beauty is the correct word).
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    Shoe Rack Version 3

    Here's a pic of my third go at a shoe rack: The frame is of European cherry and the top of European walnut. This is the first time I've used metal in a project: the 6 mm hollow aluminium tube in the individual racks. I'm glad I've done it because now I know that I don't particularly like it...
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    So you deleted the shill thread Mike. Care to explain?

    One man's "vile" (incidentally a much devalued word due to people using it to describe opinions with which they simply disagree) is another man's "reasonable". If we're going to allow freedom of expression for one, we have to allow it for all. Lenin, Stalin and Mao would have loved it just as...
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    General purpose plane

    If you're going to buy second hand, I'd recommend buying from a reputable dealer e.g. https://www.oldhandtools.co.uk https://www.tooltique.co.uk You'll need to check such websites fairly frequently as good Record and Stanley planes tend to get snapped up fairly quickly.
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    So you deleted the shill thread Mike. Care to explain?

    I suspect that iris recognition will be the way ahead. There'll be a small reader either in the machine or on your key fob and bluetoothed to the machine. It would also be a good way to keep porn sites blocked for children.
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    So you deleted the shill thread Mike. Care to explain?

    Thank you. That fits. I just did a quick search on the orthography of the word. It's first recorded in N America in Edwardian times (ca. 1911). Given that it seems to have its roots in the circus and street entertainment world, I wonder if the origins are Romany.