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    Spindle moulder Questions.

    All the feed motors I have had are 3 phase, only differing part is amount of rollers they had. All the Spindles I have used or setup came with predrilled holes. Spindles I had were Wadkin, Wilson, SCM, Martin. Have you considered second hand or is single phase only option to you.
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    Good website for screws?

    I use Reiser R2 Woodscrews and get them from Howden when I purchase cabinets, and of course as long as colour does not matter. The multi box they come in is handy for carrying about jobs and they last a bit before needing refill. They get a good grip on plugs and never had one snap on me or head...
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    Fitting a Wickes bathroom

    Fitted basin no problems and changed fittings to the better trade ones. WC needed flexi couples to waste and water feed, working a bit blind but finish looks better now you do not see feed pipes at rear. Fitted screen no issue one of the better wall fittings and least its sturdier than others...
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    Fitting a Wickes bathroom

    Installing a complete toilet ensemble from Wickes. The WC/Sink and "P" shaped bath are good enough. The bath screen and bath glass pane were reasonable. The only issue I had was the waste for the bath and "S" bends were cheap and after going to local PTS fitted new waste to bath, the sink...
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    JJ Smith Demo

    I received a e mail on my works IT from JJ Smith stating they had a demo day. Is anyone going.
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    Furniture Tenoner

    Kirk You stated your friend spoke concerning over loading the CNC Router, I attach a solution to boring gables/drawers/rails and let the Router do more worthwhile loadings. These Vid shows it point point to point but it also has a saw to groove and a router for doing larger holes for hinges or...
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    Furniture Tenoner

    I have no thoughts either way I see it as a means to an end, it would surporise you how many joints are done this way now in production facilities but you would not know. In the Rounded tenon defence you do have more surface to glue so could be stronger, if you defect your wood correctly and...
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    Fire Detection system Industrial

    This system detects fire, releases a water curtain to stop the fire or spark going into the storage unit, if the fire or sparks continue for a certain period trhe system shuts down preventing the fire or explosion. Again not cheap but works great supplied by Grecon though there could be others...
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    Industrial production panel making cell

    Here is a tongue in cheek vid of same process shown through a demo day. The old Joiner maybe on here http://youtu.be/V4zjeA22pO0
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    Industrial Bandresaw

    Very good bit of kit, but is not cheap. It is a nice size and very vesatile in use and easy setup. German engineering once again.
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    Furniture Tenoner

    He is spot on as Kitchen read furniture being home or office, CNC Router are to damn good and if you are not careful you over load it as a one stop machine centre. You can nest cut out the panel say, size it, drill it, groove it, edge band it, trim edge, taper edge and then clean it. These all...
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    Furniture Tenoner

    The only advantage the machine I bought over your method is speed of batch production. If I had smaller batch or smaller production need a SET(Single End Tenoner) would be a good alternative. One offs use a crosscut or do by hand. The taper will be the cutter typical issue you find the other is...
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    6 Head Moulder

    My production runs vary like everyone else depending on batch size or what is being made in assembly. At the time I was running Sheds/Garden Tables/Garden Benches that required square dressing or moulded. I have over the years got away from day runs on same componnets other than square dressing...
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    6 Head Moulder

    Now before you read anything I am a Weinig man and I used to be Wadkin, when its dealing with Moulders I cannot see past Weinig. So I am totally biased. I purchased this just before recession bit and other than our sister company new build we have not purchased since. It came in at under £80k I...
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    CNC Morticing

    We all do, its never ending, movement of batches, storage I could go on and on.