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    Laser printers

    been using a HP deskjet 930 for about 20 years and it's still printing well. I used to buy commercially available refilled cartridges to keep costs down as HP original ones cost an arm and a leg, but then I found out how to do it myself. I refill the ink cartridges with a cheapo device that...
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    Can you use hollows and rounds on end grain?

    Not a problem but needs care. I've cut mouldings on end grain for furniture panels and suchlike. If you are putting a moulding on all 4 sides of the sign, then do the end grain sides first with a sacrificial block to avoid tear-out. Sharp blades and not too deep a cut help.
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    How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

    I still do some turning along with the other woodworking.
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    Compression Springs

    I could make you some if you let me know the inside diameter and the compressed and uncompressed lengths you expect. I'm in France though and the post is taking up to 2 weeks to the UK at the moment.
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    Compression Springs

    Can you get hold of some piano wire/spring steel wire around 2mm diameter? You could wind your own springs from this.
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    Morse Taper Extractor for Kity 663

    and remember to have your hand in place to catch the tool knocked out (suitably protected if sharp) - they can shoot out quite fast!
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    Planing knots

    I've just found out how hard knots in old pine can be. I'm recycling some old wall panelling to make some replacement shutters for the chalet and have to put in a moulding to match. One panel had a small knot in just the wrong place - chipped a bit out of the moulding plane iron - twice. I...
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    Interesting comment on using decimal inches. One of my steel rulers is marked on one side in trad imperial inches in eights, sixteens, 32ths etc, and on the other in 10ths of inches. I've never used the decimal inch scale as it's never corresponded to imperial dimensions in general use - eg...
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    Moving to South France - Advice Needed.

    I've lived in France now for a few years and I can echo what people have already said. There aren't any Axi type stores, nor the more specialist type of stores such as Toolpost. I've bought and had shipped over a lathe and regularly buy and get posted/couriered tools and workshop equipment...
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    Live centre

    Could you use a hollow live centre - the sort used when using an auger to drill deep holes - but instead of running an auger through it, you would have a cylinder which would insert into your 10mm hole. You'd have to get it to stay put somehow.
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    Soft close hinges/stays for toy box

    It does both. You can open the lid most of the way and it will stay put, even if not fully open. I seem to remember that 3/4 open or less it will gently close, but it was possible to adjust the resistance. I got a bit confused with the differences between the various products on their website...
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    Soft close hinges/stays for toy box

    I made a toy chest the other year and used a L/R pair of the S-100T30 friction stays from Sugatsune UK 635 Wharfedale Road, Winnersh Triangle Wokingham, RG41 5TP TEL +44 (0)1189 272 955 www dot sugatsune dot co dot uk I found their customer support for finding the correct item very helpful...
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    finishing toy bricks in oak

    thanks for the replies. It was one of the triangular pieces where the corners broke off and from the comments I guess I didn't round the edges well enough. I've now made sure that the edges are well rounded on all the pieces. I'll try dropping one of those and see if the problem still...
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    finishing toy bricks in oak

    I've made some child's building blocks from european oak and was planning on finishing them with a carnauba wax polish. Practical and safe. However, I dropped one and realised that the wood is more brittle than I expected as a couple of corners chipped off. I'm now wondering if I should finish...