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    Dowel screw etc

    Cross Dowels? Russell
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    Dewalt Radial Arm Saw DW 720

    One has just been sold at a H j Pugh auction £160.
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    What do you collect

    Roses. On the way home from a Yandles show we called at a Garden Centre just off the M5 near Avonmouth, Sanders Garden World? My wife saw a Rose she fancied (Munstead Wood) and it was duly purchased. When I got home I googled to try and learn what to do with it and I was hooked. I am now...
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    Circular Saw Track Systems

    Does anyone on here have any experience of the Kreg Accu-cut Circular saw track system which presents as a very different beast to the mainstream track saw system? THANK YOU, RUSSELL
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    Mini track saw

    Does anyone have experience of the Clarke Mini Circular saw mentioned in one of the earlier postings. I have a Metabo cordless saw Circular saw but it is an unwieldly beast for smaller work. I also own a Black and Decker circular saw of 1970's vintage which i have not used for a very long time...
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    Sanding sealer

    Thank you for the replies. I have restarted using it of late and it seems all right. Russell
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    Sanding sealer

    Does sanding sealer have a shelf life? I have a small quantity which around 8 years old. Russell
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    Band saw boxes

    An apology, there is indeed a word missing and that word is blade. Russell
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    Band saw boxes

    Could someone please recommend the most suitable for making Band saw Boxes. Thank you, Russell
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    Risk assessment

    Thank you both for your replies. Russell
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    Risk assessment

    I inadvertently purchased a replacement blade for Metabo cordless saw where the diameter of the centre hole is bigger than required. Trend sell washer which will fill the gap. Does anyone have experience of using such washers. Returning the blade is not an option. Russell
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    An acquaintance wanted to knock down an old house. Bats were discovered in the loft and his first task was to build an outbuilding to house the bats. £10,000 before anything else happened. In another case a Chapel wanted to treat some wood in the Vestry. On that occasion a bat officer...
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    Zero clearance Auxiliary fence

    Thank you for the reply. What thickness auxiliary fence will suffice? i was considering using 11mm MDF. Russell
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    Cold frame

    Thank you, Russell
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    Zero clearance Auxiliary fence

    I recently came across A video featuring the late Ron Fox where he had a Zero clearance auxiliary fence on his router table. On this occasion it was for use with a Drawer Corner Lock bit. It seems a sensible idea but i have yet to see it mentioned elsewhere. Does any member have experience of...