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  1. akirk

    first turned dish

    very! hopefully getting a lathe later this year!
  2. akirk

    first turned dish

    having borrowed a lathe for a couple of weeks, this is the fourth thing I have turned and the first attempt at faceplate turning... made from olive ash, there was a flaw in the wood which meant I lost a bit of height, so this became a dish rather than bowl... not sure what we will use it for but...
  3. akirk

    Settlers of Catan - or cutting hexagons...

    have a borrowed lathe here for a few weeks... first play (not experienced with lathes) v.1 of a robber baron for settlers... quite pleased for a first attempt...
  4. akirk

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    latest projects... jenga set - large - made from hardwood... in the foreground, laminating wood to make a paddle with my godson...
  5. akirk

    trebor woodworking machines?

    The website is old and runs through Zen Cart (software that has not been used for c. 10 years and which I wouldn't trust to be secure) put their details into companies house: TREBOR WOODWORKING MACHINES LIMITED - Filing history (free information from Companies House) and you will see that they...
  6. akirk

    Anomaly in growth rings...

    looks as though there has been an intrusion of some type, something digging into the trunk? looks good for the construction of tripod ladders ;) welcome to the forum...
  7. akirk

    Anyone experienced with extra large workshop builds in a UK garden?

    That would definitely need planning - one of the requirements of permitted development is single storey and while it might be argued to be that I think you would also struggle to get a mezzanine layer into PD height...
  8. akirk

    Anyone experienced with extra large workshop builds in a UK garden?

    Hence my suggestion of losing c. 1.5 foot either side ;) - ultimately measurements are presumably rough until the house is owned and the OP has something accurate to measure with - I wouldn’t base anything on estate agent’s details!
  9. akirk

    Anyone experienced with extra large workshop builds in a UK garden?

    I would agree - and there is a challenge in knowing where boundaries sit between hobby / personal use / commercial - and where commercial would require a change of use, personal or hobby use would not - yet there is no reason why a hobby use shouldn't use exactly the same machines as a...
  10. akirk

    Anyone experienced with extra large workshop builds in a UK garden?

    nope - permitted is exactly that... there are a number of potential complications though - from PD (Permitted Development) having been removed (tends to be on more recent new builds, but could happen as a part of an earlier planning permission grant) - to possible issues if in a conservation...
  11. akirk

    Anyone experienced with extra large workshop builds in a UK garden?

    This is a good place to start with what you are allowed to do etc.: https://www.planningportal.co.uk/ more specifically here: https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200130/common_projects/43/outbuildings Outbuildings are considered to be permitted development, not needing planning permission...
  12. akirk

    Furniture scriber branding outcome.

    looking good - very professional
  13. akirk

    Modular toolbox/toolchest

    it is worth noting that Halfords offer substantial discounts if you have a trade card - and if you have a company, getting a trade card is not difficult... you won't get discounts on things like car radios or bikes - but tools and tool chests, can be worthwhile... eg: tool chests are mainly 20%...
  14. akirk

    Lathe purchase ideas...

    You are right - and it is deliberate - it is I guess more of a question as to which price band to go for - those are the two lathes that seem to be popular for those price bands - and the question was more whether it was worth spending more, or whether there was sufficient capability in the...
  15. akirk

    Lathe purchase ideas...

    thank you, there seems to be a clear direction :)