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    Sanding thin pieces

    Masking tape on a large piece of plywood/mdf and some more on the thin piece, then a couple of drops of super glue to stick them together. With decent quality masking tape I've never had pieces come apart by accident, but the tape comes away cleanly without leaving residue.
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    Paul Sellers says cap iron position doesn’t matter

    I already commented on that video and got a reply from Paul himself - I was incredibly unimpressed with his almost authoritarian attitude. Absolutely bonkers!
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    Sharpenning carving gouges

    For outside, I use a diamond stone or hard Waterstones with side to side strokes then a regular strop. For inside I use either hard slipstones or lapping paper stuck to curved wood, and loose leather with compound over wood to strop.
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    Best method for edge sharpening?

    What do you mean sharpen? I just buy a new chisel when my old one gets dull.
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    Sharpening chisels for a complete novice

    The thing that's alway got to me though is the backs of tools like chisels. I've never had much luck removing a burr from the back of a tool with polishes/strops. I've always had to use a stone to flip it to the bevel side and then use the strop to remove it there. I don't really like having to...
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    Mid range/budget chisels

    Another vote for narex chisels. I have a set of their butt chisels and love them!
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    Do you need bead

    Looks very handy!
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    Anyone used Ohishi and/or king 10k stones?

    Thanks D_W and Shed9 again for the info! D_W I appreciate the photos you've attached. I've been interested in the sigma power stones and from your photos it does look finer than the shapton 12k, but I thought I had read they were relatively soft? Would you expect it to cut fast enough to remove...
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    Anyone used Ohishi and/or king 10k stones?

    Thanks! Which stone below the 10k do you use? (depending on what grits can be skipped might give me an idea of speed)
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    Anyone used Ohishi and/or king 10k stones?

    Thanks for the reply. Yes the autosol route is fairly effective, but for my use case a stone would be preferable. I actually sold you the shapton 12k :) it is a great stone and is very effective on tools, but I'm now looking for a stone with more of a polishing action as apposed to a cutting...
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    Anyone used Ohishi and/or king 10k stones?

    Hi, Has anyone used the 10k variants of the Ohishi or king waterstones and could give me some feedback on their performance? Specifically the hardness of the stones, speed, and finish they leave on a blade? I currently use a shapton pro up to 8k then finish on a strop, but the shapton leaves a...
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    Are links to your own personal ebay auctions allowed?

    No problem, thanks for clearing that up!
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    Are links to your own personal ebay auctions allowed?

    Hi, Just wanted clarification on the rules regarding ebay links and where to post them. Can I post a link to an item I am selling on ebay (personal, private sale, not commercial) in the market place? If yes, should it be posted in the "for sale" or "elsewhere" section? Many thanks, Asa
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    How toxic is todays Danish oil?

    I've used that stuff, it gives a nice finish but takes an incredibly long time to dry, and smells real funky for a long time after!
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    How toxic is todays Danish oil?

    No two danish oils from different companies are the same, they are all different blends of different things. It wouldn't surprise me if any given company will change their recipe regularly. As to what's in rustins' variant, I hope you mean methyl ethyl ketoxime, as ketamine is a powerful drug...