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    wooden plane

    Ciao, it seems a disperate case. I would put it away or you could reuse the metal parts for making a new one. Giuliano
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    Marples chisels

    They are stunning! Ciao
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    Tool chest

    Ciao, Beautiful tool chest. Has it only those two tills? I love it although I would have saved the original ropes instead of new handles. Giuliano
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    Low angle vs standard angle block plane

    I use both the low and standard angle block planes, the low angle one mainly for end grain on small pieces. I have got a Stanley 9 1/2 and 60 1/2 planes. I agree with Dr AI: if I wanted only one plane, I would choose a low angle plane with a couple of blades in order to obtain different...
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    Snarfed another try plane from the uk

    Really a nice plane! Giuliano
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    Tool chest

    Thanks Yes, the chisels are from Lidl, not bad although they need a more frequent sharpening. The milk paint dries within several hours, depending of course from temperature. I waited 24 h before oil application.
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    Tool chest

    Thank you, I agree with you. I intended this "Italianist":giggle: tool chest for a stationary use as if it was a little cabinet, to be moved outside the shop only in occasional events, for example to work in other places for a time period. The tools contained into the chest are sufficient for...
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    Tool chest

    Thank you I think it weighs 30-40 kg. I am able to lift it but not easily.
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    Tool chest

    Thanks, I always use pinch dogs while gluing up panel under 1 cm of tickness. I’ll try your suggestion, it seems to me rigth.
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    Tool chest

    Grazie Cassidy, Sì sono seghe di tipo giapponese, quelle che uso più spesso. Saluti
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    Tool chest

    Thanks, since the project phases my intent was to occupe all the space available.
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    Tool chest

    Thanks Ian, Absolutely I would keep it under the bed:D
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    Tool chest

    Ciao, In recent times I did not post much, however here it is my last work. I needed a case for my hand tools and always had the wish of building a traditional tool chest. I used silver fir for the box and drawers, beech for the skirts. Finishing is casein tempera (milk paint) and linseed oil...
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    Unusual plane, what is it?

    Really inusual plane. Never seen. Ciao Giuliano
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    Prediction: moulding planes

    Some of mine that have found home to the mild clime of South Italy. I found several of them in quite working conditions and they are good performers, only I had to hone Irons, although I haven’t try with others more complex profiled I have too. Ciao Giuliano