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    Anyone need a dewalt RAS dado flange?

    Following interest from members, I will be making some flanges soon to the original DW dimensions. Price is £20 plus £3.15 UK second class signed for postage Payable via paypal gift (you pay the charges that way!) or better option all round- bank transfer. PM me if you are interested...
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    Bi Fold hinges

    4mm glass in the doors will weigh less than say 18mm mdf so with your proposed width, I can't see a problem there. 6mm toughened glass supported at 1/4 and 3/4 along the length should be fine but if you must support from the ends alone, tot up the weight you need to support and consult your...
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    Cambournepete has a job

    Pete - you have pm Bob
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    Jet JPT-260 - thicknessing table lock.

    I have only two more lock kits available after supplying one to Jetsetwilly. Please note the contact details in the footer of my messages if you want to get in touch. Bob
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    Tauco pillar drill

    Chronos and RDG supply drill chucks with female tapers as well as arbours MT1 to fit their chucks. Choose your chuck first and then the arbour to fit. Usually JT3 or B16 in a 16mm chuck To be honest 16mm chuck is too big for this machine but it is doable if you respect its limitations. Bob
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    I'm emigrating to New Zealand

    Good luck Pete, We are arriving in NZ on 16th November for 3 weeks holiday so maybe you could put the kettle on for a brew? Bob
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    Finally got the milling machine!

    These folk have a very good reputation. http://www.ctctools.biz/servlet/StoreFront I've just bought a set of ER32 collets from them and they are top notch. Turned up from HK in a few days having been opened by customs and no charges made. Maybe that part was luck. £71.28 including airmail...
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    Router bits getting stuck

    I assume you are talking about a DeWalt? Have you clipped the collet into the nut, before inserting the cutter? To take the bit out, you have to release the nut until it is free, turn some more and it will tighten slightly and then it eject the collect and release the bit. There is no need to...
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    Veneered ply 1.5 mm supplier

    Jennifer, that is the supplier that I recall Robert using on the Wood Haven forum I mentioned earlier. Bob
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    Veneered ply 1.5 mm supplier

    Do you need plywood? I think you can get 1.5mm thick veneers in various hardwoods. Someone on another forum certainly used thick oak veneer on a project a while back. Bob
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    Evans automatic saw. Or mill?

    You would need one hell of a single phase supply to run a converter satisfactorily. Add that to it needing to be indoors to be any good, sounds like you can pass it on to your mate and get him to let you use it every now and then. If you want to board out logs then how about an Alaskan mill with...
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    Evans automatic saw. Or mill?

    If you have got the space, keep it. Unless it is fitted with all the current safety gizmos, it is unlikely to have a huge market value compared to the jobs that it will do with ease in an enthusiasts workshop. Bob
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    Rojek switchgear and the current heatwave.

    All supports my theory of marginal cooling. When did you last blow out dust from the motor? Bob
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    Cutting Solutions

    Doug is also a very good source of planer knives. Bob
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    Elu 177 Stuck collet and cutter- HELP

    WD40 is NOT a penetrating fluid and is virtually useless for this. It is a water displacer - the clue is WD Proper penetrating fluid such as plus gas is the stuff to use. Bob