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By J-G
colinc should probably be pushing Sketchup anyway.

I would always recommend SketchUp - though not later than 2014 for a truly 'Free' version.

It is much easier to master than any of the AutoCAD look-alikes for anyone who is less than familiar with 'technical drawing'. I'm a time-served Tool-maker having spent quite a time in the Drawing Office but even I find AutoCAD well less than intuitive!
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By stuartpaul
Downsizing means I'm about to loose my nice cosy, spacious double garage and move to a single one. I'm looking to build an 'annex' off the back of the garage that will become the hand-tool area (access by taking out existing garage window on back wall and forming opening). Initial drawing gives me a floor area of just over 14 sq metres. Roof height will also be below 2.5 m as I'm close to the boundary and don't want to have to go down the PP route if I don't have to.

Slightly confused over BR requirements. If over 15 sq metres and closer than 1 metre then the substantially non combustible clause applies. If under 15 sq metres and closer than 1 metre are there any issues to worry about? Searching the planning portal and other sites (as well as here) lead me to believe that I can timber clad and it's OK. I'm happy to use any of the cement boards if I have to.

I've attached initial design idea.
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By MikeG.
stuartpaul wrote:....... If under 15 sq metres and closer than 1 metre are there any issues to worry about?.......

No. Your electrics will need certifying, but that's it.
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By stuartpaul
Thanks Mike, appreciated.

Timber cladding on the back instead of cement board will save me a small fortune.

The build will follow your principles and I have several questions about detailing but I’ll start a separate thread when work commences.
By lurker
I am looking to buy a bungalow and am thinking about how I will accommodate a workshop.

One boundary is a Victorian cemetery and another is bottom of a school playing field.
So I don’t want to alert the council to what I plan. Thereafter I will risk them not noticing.

I want to put the back of the workshop right against the boundary so that the back wall forms part of the security boundary ( no fence were currently there is one)
As there is nobody living close to these boundaries I guess I don’t have to worry about fireproofing.
I was thinking of pent roofs so the back might be high.
I believe 2.5 metres is ok?? But not legally 3?
I may risk going To 3, as the hedge remnants on the council’s side are a good 4 metres.
Am I correct in thinking that after 4 years the council cannot legally do anything about it?
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By MikeG.
The council can't take enforcement action after 4 years from completion of works to a dwellinghouse, but that doesn't make the thing lawful. You would need to then apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness, and this would be necessary if selling the house or remortgaging, for instance. However, I want to stress that this relates to the house, and I have no idea what the situation is with regards to outbuildings. It may or may not be the same (and it's 10 years in the case of other types of buildings other than houses, so there is a chance that the 10 year thing applies to outbuildings).

As to your other questions.........I think I'd be letting the side down if I condoned building without permission or outside the parameters of Permitted Development Rights.
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By DBT85
I wonder if anyone has experience with my situation. My house was extended some 35 years ago by the previous owner (my wifes father). All permissions and such were granted and the work done.

I went to look at getting the planning maps whlile starting to fill out the details for a planning application and the maps do not represent this house since that change.

So this is what all the maps show

but this is what has been here since about 1985
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By MikeG.
I hardly ever find any of those electronic drawings to be accurate or up to date. I simply add in my survey drawing as a substitute for what is shown. Your problem is that looks like a raster image rather than a .dwg or .dxf, so your changing it is a bit of a struggle.

For a site location plan, they're not interested in the building, but in the location of the plot of land. However, for a 1:500 Block Plan, they'll want an accurate (but basic) outline of the house on the plot.

What are you trying to achieve?
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By DBT85
Oh it would just be for permission to put my workshop closer to the boundary. It's by no means essential, but owing to the angles of the garden to have one ends guttering 2m from the boundary would probably leave the other end 3.5m away. Just a waste of perfectly good space is all.

Would the issue of the raster image be becase I've just screenshotted it from a website? Would all providers be using the same raster image rather than a dwg or dxf?

Are the changes you mention doing possible for a layman like myself or is this a job for a pro?

Had an email back from the palnning dept (in under 24 hours which surprised me) saying the same as Mike. They accept location plans that are inaccurate just fine, but for block plans they need to be up to date and can be done by me so long as they scale correctly.

Mike, I assume you don't go via one of the website that the planning portal point you to to get your plans?

I've just seen that the ukmapcentre can supply dwg so I guess that's what I'd need to then edit it.

I hope you are Mrs Mike are feeling better btw, I only saw something this morning to suggest otherwise as I don't usually browse the bulk of the forum.