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By The Gent
Greetings, it has been almost 7 years since I posted here I think. I have been working abroad and now almost returned home and ready to setup a workshop again.

I have been playing in SketchUp with some ideas and I just wanted to post them on here for some thoughts on how the layout should go. The overall size in 7m x 3,5m.

I already own a Axminster table saw and planer thicknesser, and a woodrat. The dust extraction unit in the model is close enough to the one that I have. I don't own a drill press or bandsaw but have taken something from the 3D warehouse that is close enough to what I am thinking. The mitre station and workbench again are just from the same warehouse for an idea, but my initial thoughts would be that the mitre station and other workbench would be flow in a L shape around the corner made from plywood and 2x4's. Just to get the shop operational. Then would need to find a way to store tools and timber on the walls. I was thinking of having the area where the router table is extend backwards aswell to double as an assesmbly table with vices (with holes for dogs etc).

My first large job would be to make a new kitchen for the house, and other cabinetry.

Any comments on the setup on how others would arrange to get the most out of the space.


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By Orraloon
Stanleymonkey wrote:You lucky bu**er - that space looks amazing!

What he said!
Rather than fret about the ideal layout put everything on wheels and let the layout evolve. All my machines and bench can be wheeled about as required. I have to share a double garage with the wife's car so do not have a lot of space. Being mobile helps a lot and as no 2 projects are the same there is no perfect layout. If I have to handle really long bits of timber I set up the tablesaw, bandsaw, or thicknesser so wood feeds out the door.
By dickm
+1 for what orraloon says (and I am beginning to understand Doric!). It's also a good idea if you can to line up door(s) and a window, then you can feed really long stuff across m/c in between. My last shed also had a roller mech that clipped on to the opened windowsill level with the table of the saw.
By MusicMan
I personally like to be able to get round the back of the main bench occasionally, so I have it about a foot away from the wall.

I also like to have the mitre saw on a mobile stand, with its top the same height as the bench and the saw bench and router table, so that anything can be used as outfeed or indeed for anything else. and +1 to wheels!

And french cleats for wall storage - you can let the placing of tool holders evolve as well.