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Yeah, if you take it easy (especially with the drilling) then I think a couple of 4 mm tapped holes on each side should be OK - and DON'T over tighten the bolts when fitting).

Good luck (not be "funny") but if your hands are a being a problem these days, perhaps try setting up both the drilling itself, AND starting out the tapping, in the drill press, OR (again, really NOT being funny) get Ruth to do it for you.

By NazNomad
AES wrote:...OR (again, really NOT being funny) get Ruth to do it for you.

Well some of us would rather do it ourselves than have it done properly by our better halves. :-D
Yeah, understood Naz, and I take your point. But from previous posts I understand Brian's in pretty big trouble with his hands these days, and the idea of accidentally snapping off a 4 mm tap in the vice (snap off flush of course!) will neither make his day nor be an easy problem to overcome - for anyone.

Thanks Brian, looks very good/workable.

Again I really don't want to "teach granny to suck eggs" but on my vice anyway, I'm far from sure the material is cast aluminium. More likely it's pressure die cast "monkey metal" (e.g. a lot of zinc n other bits of soft scrap). If so, that means that the metal is likely a bit more "granular" than cast ali would be. In turn that means that when tapping your holes you must be very careful to keep clearing the swarf out of the holes - every half turn at least. Otherwise you can easily strip the thread as you're cutting it - just like over tightening the bolts after the threads are cut.

And use a lubricant - paraffin, or WD40 will do fine.

Again, sorry if this is stating the obvious, only trying to help, a 4mm thread is pretty fine, even the ISO standard "Coarse". Best of luck to Ruth!
By digerman
something to think about drill two holes through the part that the vice grips to take dowels then cut in half fix dowels to one half and the other half will slide on them
By digerman
stuck this together today 120 mm diameter cut a bit of the front so handle can turn rite round
center 30 mm square x100 mm cut through the middle make sure the dowels are wider apart than the jaws
this should give 20 mm of movement
i used a 100 mm nail halved for the dowels