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By peter-harrison
After several bad experiences with tulipwood, I stopped using it for tall or wide doors. It is impossible to get a long piece straight- every time you take a pass on the planer, it moves a bit more. I use colour no defect beech instead and have never regretted the small extra expense.
By Horsee1
Doug71 wrote:The problem is that the timber is just pushed through a 4 sided planer in long lengths, if it goes in bent it comes out bent.

Regardless of species this is my experience of buying par from various timber merchants. They just throw everything through a 4 sider with out sorting out a straight face/edge first. Such a lucky dip.
By Geoff_S
j.ferguson415 wrote:“PAR is just planed all around. It has no relationship to it being straight or true. You got exactly what you asked for I’m afraid. You have no recourse.”

Thanks Deema, I had always assumed PAR would be straight and true as well, what should you ask for to get this?

I've just taken delivery of some Douglas Fir for a large door. I just made it clear that I wanted it PAR and straight and true. It took 3 attempts but they eventually got it right. At the end of the day they can always say no.