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This afternoon saw something a little more attractive come out of the shed.

A chunk of Antipodean Burr forced into my collection by Richard Burrow, Thanks Rich, got the brain cells working on finger preservation and sorting out how to clean up the base. Bowl depression 195mm dia.
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By Jonzjob
Those pencil boxes look good, but I have googled Antipodean Burr, what is it? Looks good what ever it is???

Soudns like escapologiest peas?
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By skeetoids
Hi Chaz,

I am so happy you are posting your work again, you set the standard for elegance, design and finishing.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the quality of your finish is aspirational. As a relatively new turner I look at your work as the no.1 guide on how to finish a piece.



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By Leo
Lavally stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gives me some thoughts on some wood that I can't think what to do with !!!!!!!!!!

Imitation is the best compliment that you can get. ????

Brendan taught me that one hehehheheheheh ( bmac )
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By Blister
Very nice work Chas

My favorite pen holder is the Cherry & Spalted Beech , nice colour contrast and shape

I especially like the Burr

Quality turnings

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By cambournepete
Hi Chas,
How do you finish the rough part of the burr?
I can see it's shiny so I'm guessing a spray lacquer, but how do you prepare it before that?
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cambournepete wrote:Hi Chas,
How do you finish the rough part of the burr?
I can see it's shiny so I'm guessing a spray lacquer, but how do you prepare it before that?

1. Wire brush the loose particles off.
2. Secure any unstable bits with CA. if bark still present.
3. Brush on Cellulose Sanding sealer, (I use diluted about 15%) let it soak well in to secure loose bark.
4. Burnish with a domed Bristle Brush attached to the Chestnut Buffing arbor.
5. Burnish again with a smattering of Canauba and/or MC wax.
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An oddment of Elm provided a few minutes of relaxation. (140mm dia.)

Then having got into the swing of things decided the afternoon deserved something a little more worthwhile. Elm again (195mm dia.)
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By nev
hello mr chas
=D> regarding the very lovely pencil pots, could i ask what glue / adhesive you use / recommend to join the various woods?
(i am guessing you run the various woods through a thicknesser, glue, clamp then turn? :oops: )
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By Jonzjob
I do like the second elm bowl Chas. The grain is lovely. The first is OK, but I have never been a great fan of very small bases on bowls/goblets/etc. I love to see the elegance and stability of something that won't fall over when in use. Just a personal opinion. Much netter for me if the small foot were to be removed. Lovely shape from there up :D

Elm, love it!