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By phil.p
I thought it might be worthwhile to compile a list of post dimensions and any other useful information for use when hunting spares, different sizes or improvements.

Axminster AT1416VS takes a 1" stem (25.4 mm)

Axminster AT1628VS takes a 1" (25.4mm) stem 4.75" long (min)

Axminster AH-1218 and AH-1218 VS takes 16mm stem (according to manual).

Axminster AWSL takes 16mm stem ATM.

Axminster AWVSL 900 and AWVSL1000 takes 25mm stem ATM.

Axminster KWL (and probably other badged 37" single round bar Taiwanese lathes) 7/8" stem 2" long.

Axminster trade series precision Pro Lathe Takes 12.5mm stem ATM.

Axminster 1216VS 1" 4.75" long.

Axminster AWVSL Mini 5/8" stem

Ax AT 2030vs 30mm

Charnwood 870 25mm

Charnwood 813 25mm

Dominion 1 1/4" stem

Draper WTL 12 22mm stem 52mm long

Jet 3520B takes 1" stem 6" long

Jet 1014 takes 5/8" 4" long

Jet 1642 takes 1" 6" long

Killinger KM1450 SE (and possibly all Killingers) 30mm post

Myford Maestro 1" stem 3" - 4" long.

Myford ML8 3/4" stem

Nova DVRxp and 1624 - 44 1" stem. 8" long for the DVR, the Galaxi and the old 16 - 2448, and 5" long for the Comet.

Poolewood 28 - 40. 30mm diameter, 90mm - 95mm long - a bit longer wouldn't hurt.

Poolewood 1500 30mm post

Poolewood DVSL 25mm

Record CL (old) 3/4" stem

Record CL (new) 1" stem

Record DM 305 3/4" stem

Record DML 320 1" stem

Sorby 25mm posts - M12 x 1.25 thread.

Titan 400 40mm stem 125mm long

Union Graduate 1" post 2" long

VB 40mm stem

Vicmarc 150 1" stem

Vicmarc 175, 200, 240 & 300 30mm stem

Wadkin BZL 1" stem

Wadkin RT and RS 1 1/8" stem 1 7/8th long for 6", 3 3/4" for RS 8" and 5 1/2" for RS 10"

Wivamac DB1000 - 1" inch stem

Woodfast C1000X 1" stem
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By Sheptonphil
From lathes I have had in the last four years

Axminster at1416vs 1" stem 4.75" length
Axminster at1628vs. 1" stem 4.75" min length
Jet 3520b 1" stem, 6" length required.

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By phil.p
The only one so far that can't be made from stock BMS is the 12.5mm one - and that could probably be made from 1/2" and taken down by hand (if the will was there :) )
By phil.p
Please can anyone making additions and alterations make them in new posts rather than edits - I'll try to keep things accurate, and I'll miss edits or not know what's been edited. It would be good (not critical) to have the post lengths as well (maximum or minimum?) for the purpose of ascertaining interchangeability between makes. I suspect I've made a rod for my own back here. :D
Thanks, Phil.
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By Dalboy
phil.p wrote:Has that one a different number to the 900 and 1000? I notice from Woodpig that they are 25mm ATM?

different lathe it is the VS model of the AWSL mini Lathe
By dickm
Mystro, 1 inch diameter. The maker's ones have a 4" long post, but this doesn't allow the rest to be used if the hole in the banjo coincides with the nearer bed bar. Mine are cut down to 3", which is still plenty long enough.