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By Steve Maskery
I've had a jig in my head for quite a while, so today I started to make it.

First I routed a groove down the length of a piece of MDF. It's wide and deep enough to take a flange nut.



I then drilled a couple of holes


and routed a groove between them


followed by a larger hole for hanging and access to the groove.


I measured the distance from the front of my bench to the back face of my bench dogs


Back on the router table I routed a rebate across one end, as wide as that measurement



and glued in a notched piece of wood


It's good, isn't it?
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By Monkey Mark
That is, without a doubt, the best looking thingmibob I've ever almost seen! :)
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By Zeddedhed
Thats not a Thingmibob.

It's a DooHickey. Everyone should have one.
By Monkey Mark
Is it...... a bench dog assisted dado jig with adjustable stops?
By Monkey Mark
Something to do with your new shutters?
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By Zeddedhed
Steve Maskery wrote:You guys are not even trying.

My missus says I'm extremely trying.

But then she also says that absent minded nose-picking whilst watching TV is a disgusting habit, proving she doesn't know what she's talking about.
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By Droogs
You're doing it, aren't you! You've managed to think it through, the sparkly flash of inspiration has struck (probably around 04:27 this morning) and you couldn't go back to sleep at all could you? You just had to make it and test it out. 'Cause this is definately the answer, you're sure of it. It's gonna make you a fortune, everyone on UKW will want it and at £300 a pop it'll be seen as a snip a bargain that we can't live without. It's the Steve Maskery Doohicky Thingymajig Whatcha ma Flip Mental Japanese 3 way Joint Making Jig

](*,) (hammer) :tongue9: :tongue9: :tongue9: :tongue9:
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By Droogs
When will it be available to buy or rent?