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By Dog
Ok I've started a Router thread so that Forum Users can reveal all about their router buying/using habits :wink:

x 2 Trend T3's - 1/4" - Freehand use.
JCB D-PR12 1/2" - Table mounted.

*Please Stick this thread someone, and I'm being polite* :D
DW 625EK Table mounted
Trend T3 1/4 free hand use
Bosch POF 500 A - Free hand and for Dovetail jig

Trend T3
Trend T5
Trend T11
Dewalt (in the Rat)
Triton (in the table)
Fixed base from B&Q
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By Alf
DW 625EK in the 'Rat
Trend T5 Mk2
Stanley #71
Millers Falls #67
Stanl- What? What's funny? What'd I say? :whistle: :wink:

Cheers, Alf
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By Charley
Bosch 500A
Trend T5
Dewalt 625EK
Porter Cable 7529
By MikeW
Hi All,

Bosch 1617 evs
DeWalt 618
Festool OF 2000E (on the rat)

Not bad for someone who hates (and that's not too strong a word here) motorized routers. I have more arm-powered ones--but when it comes down to productivity I cave-in.

Besides, if I'm gonna screw-up a board there's nothing as fast as a powered router :wink: .
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By Nailer
Hi all,

Ryobi RE601 - Table Mounted & Butt and Scribe joints in kitchen worktops.

Trend T5 - Freehand & Dovetail jig

Hopefully getting a Triton for dedicated table use or if i can wait the Trend T11 (bank balance allowing) :D .

Cheers, Kev
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By houtslager
MikeW said -

Besides, if I'm gonna screw-up a board there's nothing as fast as a powered router .


2 x festo 1100's
1 x Scheer in dovetail jig by the same.
1 x ancient ELU MOF177E
1 x Casals 1000 {aka Freud in original colours ]
1 x Makita 3612 for light hand work
1 x JCB/Silver :oops: can't remember which 1/2"fixed temporily in table
plus gawd knows how many bits :?
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By johnelliott
Trend T9
Festool OF1400
Elu 96
Makita trimmer
3 B&Q 2000W routers, only one of which is in regular use (in a router table)
ByEspedair Street
and, erm, erm....nope, that's it.
:oops: A B&Q special,
:-$ Don't laugh, I am just starting out.
Hand held at the moment but plans for a home made table [-o<
By woodshavings
Trend T3
Power Devil in Woodrat
Triton in table (brilliant)
B&Q Power Pro 1250
JCB 1/2 inch
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By Karl59
Bosch 500 - purchased in the late 80's and still going strong albeit semi retired these days.
Freud 2000 table mounted
CMT 1850
B&Q 1250
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By Noel
Freud 2000 - Excellent
Bosch 900 ACE - Excellent
Trend T3 - Adequate