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By Brewster
Hi , I’m in need of advise , I recently bought a Kity table set up saw,spindle, Morticer and planer thicknesser all in mint condition never been used still in its packaging (amazingly purchased by its now deceased owner around 1985 and stored in his front room!) Everything works as it should apart from the rise and fall mechanism on the thicknesser, I’ve googled a couple of possibilities and ‘cosmoline’ came up as a probable cause but I’ve wd40 it but it’s still jammed just wondered if anyone could shed any light before I try and take it apart?
By Sideways
The thickness table is pretty simple.
A vertical screw at each corner, sprockets below connected by a chain all around and the hand wheel drives a bevel gear and a fifth sprocket to move the chain. I don't think there will be a lock anywhere on the table but just check in case there was one and it got removed from later models.
All I can imagine is that the grease hardened over the years.
You will need to access the underside to check and refresh the lube anyway so go for it.
Nice find :-)
By powertools
In truth it sounds to me that the whole machine is scrap and if you pm me your address I will come and collect and dispose of it for you.
In truth I have what I think is the same machine that I purchased in the 1980s and I still love it to this day and would not change it.
Hope you sort it and enjoy it as much as I have mine.
By Myfordman
From long term memory, I think there is a lock on the Kity P/T which grips the chain but it is a very long time since I had one!
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By Lons
Myfordman wrote:From long term memory, I think there is a lock on the Kity P/T which grips the chain but it is a very long time since I had one!

There is on the smaller model but can't remember on the 636. On the little one it's just a stud through the end of the base on the out field side of the thicknesser. It's just a hand turn of a knurled plastic handle. **

+1 to what sideways said though the threaded bars are prone to seize up if not maintained or used for a while.

** Edited to remove a senior moment lapse when I confused it with something else. :roll:
By Sideways
Just an aside:
Maybe 5 years ago I also was able to buy a late 80's Kity still in the crate. It was the small 419 (?) Table saw that is quite possibly part of your combination machine. In my case, someone's retirement present to themselves, that sat waiting for workshop space that was never cleared.
Once unpacked, after only a couple of minutes running, the motor capacitor of this pristine new saw burst with a loud bang and lots of smoke. No harm done, a new one for a few quid from ebay and it never missed a beat thereafter.
Capacitors age. It's normal. So if you also encounter a little extra excitement, don't sweat it :-)
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By Lons
Hi Brewster

You might find this video of interest, doesn't address your question but shows the machine dismantled
As an aside I liked his modification of cam levers on the fence.
By Brewster
Wow!!, I never expected so many responses,thank you all for the input. After partial dismantlement (if thats a word)it would appear that the problem is the small blocks of aluminium that carry the thicknesser table have stuck themselves to the threaded bars they are meant to travel on ,Ive managed to free up the one that is connected to the height adjusting wheel but even after several days bathing in wd40 the other 3 are stuck fast . I was thinking gentle heat with a blow torch and a pair of molegrips to gently tease it free ?
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By Pete Maddex
You need some proper penatrating oil not wd40, plus some gentle heat with a heat gun don't force it apply some heat and oil leave it for a while and try again.

By beech1948
The WD part of WD40 stands for WATER DISPLACEMENT and is not useful for these sort of issues.

Try a penetrating oil. There is a WD40 variety but others are better.

If you have access to some acetone ( nail varnish remover) and some ATF fluid then mix a 1/4 cup of each and apply that as it is probably even better then the best penetrating oil.

After doing this for at least 2 days or so then consider using say a 12.5mm (1/2 inch) metal rod and giving it a belt with a hammer.

If still no go then try a heat gun but remember that Kity has a lot of alloy in it that will melt if you get careless with the heat.