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By Lonsdale73
robe_uk wrote:

Is that it there? Don't know how a m8 nut could fit on the spindle

If it is that one then the spec states it is a 3/4"*16tpi. Record Power offer at least three chucks with this fitting, including this onefrom Snainton.
By Stokesjb1966
I did order one of these from record power 3/4 16tpi and it didn't fit I've talked to a few companies and they can't get their head around it I'm trying to put a picture on here but can't new to this give me a hammer nails and saw and I'm OK a phone or computer and I'm lost
By minilathe22
Are you sure an M8 nut fitted the thread? That would be a very small diameter for a headstock spindle.

Perhaps if you give some approximate dimensions of the thread eg diameter and approx threads per inch we can work it out.

When you say the 3/4" 16tpi didn't fit, was it too big or too small? Or did it start threading on but stop too soon?