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By Phil Pascoe
Moose antler with an M42 bandsaw blade without damaging it? Moose, mind not deer - it's much harder.
By Steliz
Have a test run with a handsaw and that should tell you how easy/hard it is. It's just keratin so should be easy enough (he said, based on zero experience!).
By treeturner123
I would think it is no problem.

As said, it is only keratin. I use a bandsaw to cut deer antlers fro my small items. Just remember the smell!!!

By treeturner123
The higher the speed the hotter and therefore more smell!!

It doesn't seem to matter what speed from the point of view of the cut itself.

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By Pete Maddex
Yep I have done it my self.

What are you making? I made a pukko a few years ago from my secret Santa gift.

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By Phil Pascoe
According to National Geographic.

Male, or bull, moose grow their antlers each year through the spring and summer. Female moose, called cows, don’t grow antlers. But males’ impressive headgear is made of bone that is an extension of the skull. When they first form, antlers are covered with a layer of skin called velvet, which nourishes the bone as it grows. When finished, the velvet sheds off, a process that the moose often accelerate by rubbing on trees.
By Rorschach
I've worked with Deer antler and it seems very bone like, certainly nothing like the various types of horn I have used.

There is a core inside that looks very much like marrow and the outside is very hard and doesn't delaminate like horn.

Aside from the smell it's quite nice to work with though, in fact most of the bone, horn and Ivory I have used is nice to work with, the only thing I didn't like was working with teeth.
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By Phil Pascoe
From what I can gather moose is much denser than deer antler. It's certainly heavier.
I just don't want to destroy a good M42 blade trying it.
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By MikeG.
Bandsaws are used by butchers constantly, for sawing through bones etc. I doubt a bone would be any sort of issue for an M42 blade.
My gast is thoroughly flabbered that moose antler contains bone.
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By Phil Pascoe
I would think they have a much different tooth formation, though. The saw blades, not the animals. :D
By TFrench
According to wikipedia all deer antler are bones, other animals like cows, sheep and goats are keratin. Every day is a school day.

Our dog has antler to chew, they last much longer than other chews or bones. Unfotunately the latest one was particularly big and was damaging the floor when he dropped it so I stuck it through the bandsaw. Worked fine, no obvious change to the blade.