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By Lazurus
I am looking for a bag or box full of aluminium shavings to add to resin for some turned spheres, if any one can help out. Posted at my cost to Norfolk.
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By Trevanion
Oh god damn it why didn't you say yesterday! :lol:

I just turned a bunch of aluminium and I've just baled it in a bucket with a bunch of brass and steel #-o

There probably wouldn't have been enough for what you wanted anyway. Have you tried any CNC engineering firms around you? Usually, they'll have mountains of the stuff in bins.
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By Lazurus
Bu88er - No not tried locally as they are all shut down, thought I would try the forumites first - hadnt considered brass though, as long as it softer than the HSS tools I use it should be okay so i will extend the request to any non ferrous shavings.
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By Phil Pascoe
I saw a stand at the county show about ten years ago run by my old minor public school (direct grant, in my day, I left in 1972). There was a display of woodwork and crafts by pupils taught by a friend who was there at the same time as me. Among the displays were pretty little pendants, made of coloured casting resin with pieces of perfectly formed drill swarf in them - I felt quite pleased with myself - I was the first person there to make them forty years before, and they were still being made.
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By Tom P
I have a small quantity of aluminium turnings. They are not chips but long turnings.
I live about 6 miles from Norwich
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By Lazurus
@tom p would you be prepared to bung in a jiffy bag and post I will be happy to cover any expense. I am in NR12
By chaoticbob
I 'isolate' brass turnings for this sort of use (by others, not me). At the mo I have only a small bag, about 50g:

It's leaded brass, so cuts really easily. If that's any use, PM me and I'll bung it in a Jiffy bag.
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By TheTiddles
Many commercial operations won’t give away aluminium swarf as it gets sold back for recycling, but I’m sure some would give away the amount you’re after. A company that works both aluminium and titanium had a scrap bin stolen once (the titanium bin obviously, the aluminium ones were bolted down and locked) about a week later it was returned once the hapless thieves also realised that titanium swarf has to be paid to be taken away, not the other way around